The Philosophical Gardener: Colorfully Contrary

There are the many small observations of life retreating underground to roots and our own retreating with them.  Then there are the many chores of raking, cutting back, and clearing the abundance of fallen and rotting vegetation.


#Blah Blah Blah? Global Climate Conference on “Existential Threat” Ends with a Whimper

None of the three criteria identified by the United Nations as measures of success for the global confab were achieved in full at the conference that ran two weeks and into overtime over the weekend.

Post Alley Podcast: Tom Corddry talks about Science, COVID, and Reporting on a Pandemic

Post Alley writer Tom Corddry has written a series of stories to help us understand COVID and the miraculous breakthroughs of mRNA. In Post Alley's first podcast, he talks about how he dove deep into the data.

There at the Beginning: Tom Alberg on How Seattle Became a Tech Dynamo

One way or another, I’ve worked for or brushed shoulders with most of our leading companies. I’ve represented, advised, and invested in Boeing, McCaw Cellular, Amazon, Immunex, Alaska Airlines, and many smaller tech companies.


NBC Pollster John Lapinski: Democrats in Peril

The response rate for pollsters is way low, about 1 percent. Take the margin of error of a poll and multiply by two, meaning most polled races are really tossups.


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Make Google Pay for the News? Surely Not This Way

Newspapers have seen their traditional ad-supported business models fray and fall apart, while Google, Insta, Facebook et al have grown fat and sassy. And news publishers look at Google & Co.’s pots of money and cry “foul – you’ve stolen our ad dollars.” Surely reparations are in order.






New Book Argues that our Approach to Homelessness Won’t Work

The book is at its best detailing the success stories of other cities. Shellenberger holds up Amsterdam, Lisbon, New York City, and Miami as cities to consider as much better models than the failed west-coast models.