State Campaigns Rev Up: Money, Debates, and Endorsements

The 6th is traditionally a safe Democratic Congressional district, so the victor of Franz vs. Randall in the August primary will likely cruise past Republican state Sen. Drew MacEwen in November. Labor votes and labor money could be the deciding factor.

Chief Sealth and The Speech

Who was Chief Sealth, whose name was pronounced See-alth or sometimes See-attle?

Growing Chasm: How Men and Women are Voting

Gen Z young women are not alone in their leftward move. Polling shows an older set of women – Baby Boomers and Millennial women among them – are beginning to move left.

Juicing Washington’s EV Sales: The State Tries Giving Money Away

In the new state program EV customers will not have to verify adjusted gross income. To say their income qualifies — “attest” is the state’s word — will be good enough. No clawback when caught lying, by the way.

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