Light Pollution: Our Vanishing Night Skies

Twenty-two percent of all energy generated in the U.S. is used for lighting. Street lighting and commercial lighting are both tremendously inefficient, with about a quarter of their light uselessly going into the sky, reflecting off suspended dust and water droplets. This washes out the light from the stars.

Read More: The Book on Kamala Harris

On an August, 2020 day, Joe Biden, who was the Democratic Party’s choice for president, called Sen. Kamala Harris and asked, “Are you ready...

The Key to Beating Trump

Three components of Trump’s ego-infused heel offer a rich reward from the slings of his political assailant. It's all about the ego.

Biden Steps Out and Path Clears for Harris

Republicans have been chaotic rulers of the U.S. House of Representatives, but Biden's presence atop the ticket was a major hindrance to Democrats' prospects of flipping control.

How to Defeat Trump: Enlist Those Who Served Him

My suggestion is that the Democratic Party should try to enlist Kelly and other former Trump officials to repeat the reasons for their defections.

To Make Great Wine: It Takes Community

Because vineyards are located in agricultural communities and many wineries occupy splendid rural settings, I believe that there is a special type of community which they inhabit and build.

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