Steve for President. Here’s my Platform:

Among my presidential promises: I will also make abortion equitable. Whatever a man starts, he must carry to term. Men running for President must campaign for nine months. Wimps like DeSantis could not drop out.

How Washington State Republicans Drove Their Party into a Ditch

The Republican Party in Washington state has been decimated during Trump’s reign atop the party.

“Incurring the Wrath of a Holy God”: Alabama Court Redefines “Children”

The court’s ruling, which rattled reproductive medicine practitioners across the country and shut down in vitro fertilization (IVF) operations in Alabama, is not only unscientific but absurd.

Surprise: Arizona has an Impressive Wine Industry

Arizona has more than 30 wineries and three certified AVAs – Sonoita and Willcox in the southeast, and newly-sanctioned Verde Valley in the north central part of the state.

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