Brewster & Connelly: Looking in on Gonzalez and Harrell

Joel Connelly and David Brewster look in on a Rotary Club zoom conversation with mayoral candidates Lorena Gonzalez and Bruce Harrell.

Has the Texas Abortion Law Rendered the Rest of us Irrelevant?

Let's see: We have a law that on its face and in its clear intent is unconstitutional, at least in the way the Court has interpreted the Constitution for nearly half a century. The law is blatantly designed to prevent courts from ruling on its constitutionality. So we have blatant defiance of the Constitution and the Court, shielded by a transparent legislative scam.

Help! They’re trying to Gerrymander Me!

Will Bainbridge Island voters be cut out of Kitsap County and packed into a Seattle district?

Am I suffering from “Biden Bias”?

I do worry that the Biden administration has seemed to construe a narrow victory in 2020 and the slimmest of possible majorities in the House and Senate as a mandate to “go big.”

A Month to Go: The State of Seattle Election Races

Lorena Gonzalez is not broadening her appeal or moving to the center for the general election, but sticking with a mobilize-the-base approach. Bruce Harrell is a unity candidate, with softer positions.

Mayoral Candidate Debate on Homelessness Illustrates Differences

I doubt any votes shifted after last night's virtual debate face-off on homelessness between mayoral candidates Lorena Gonzalez and Bruce Harrell.

The Maps Are In: Let The Redistricting Wars Begin

The Republican maps signal ambition to win back recently lost territory. The map proposed by former Rep. Paul Graves, representing the House Republicans, is the most aggressive of the four in terms of displacing incumbents. He would move a whopping 25 Democrats out of their districts.

Hung Jury: Justin Trudeau’s $600 Million Election Gamble Results in Status Quo

The Trudeaus, pere et fils, have won seven of eight national elections they have contested dating back to 1968 (three years before Justin was born).  They have shown a ferocity whenever their hold on power was threatened.

German Election: Deep Divisions in Deciding Who Will Replace Angela Merkel

The latest aggregate of Germany’s multitudinous polls scatters voter support so widely among the six parties in contention that the leader whose party wins the most seats in the Bundestag will have to woo two others into a three-party governing coalition.

A Moment of Truth Arrives for Biden and the Democrats

Rep. Jayapal, in one of the safest Democratic districts in the nation, may chair the Congressional Progressive Caucus, but Reps. Suzan DelBene and Derek Kilmer, D-Wash., head the larger, more mainstream New Democrat Coalition.  Unlike Jayapal and AOC, many of its members represent swing districts. 

Measuring Seattle’s Soda Tax: This is Why That’s So Difficult

A few weeks ago the Seattle City Auditor issued a new evaluation report on the city’s Sweetened Beverage Tax, the latest (and perhaps the...

Once More, to the Barricades for Abortion Rights

For those with long memories, it is incredible to believe that we are still discussing women's reproductive rights nearly half a century after the U. S. Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade by a 7-2 majority.

Canadian Election Surprise: Trudeau is in Serious Trouble

The most likely scenario now, with two weeks until the Sept. 20 election, is for another “hung” parliament in which no party wins a majority.

The Good and Bad (So Far) Of Seattle’s Pioneering Democracy Voucher Program

One adverse consequence of democracy vouchers in Seattle elections has been the increasing clout of independent-expenditure PACs. So much for getting big wealth out of our elections.

Candidate Questions for the 2021 Seattle Election: What to do about Homelessness

"Compassion Seattle" is a voter initiative which would have amended the City Charter to require emergency housing (2,000 units within the first year of adoption), dedicate at least 12% of the City's general fund revenues to address homelessness, and required the City to take action to ensure that parks, playgrounds, and public spaces remained clear of encampments as housing and services became available.

Candidate Questions for the 2021 Seattle Election: Prosecution for Misdemeanors

Seattle is already one of the most progressive cities in the nation with respect to diversion-from-jail programs, yet it has a serious frequent offender problem.

We Asked: Seattle Election Candidates (Except One) Respond to Questions on Three Important Issues

Seattle candidates respond, in their own words, to three key issues in the election: single-family zoning, abolishing misdemeanor prosecution, and solutions to homelessness. This is Part One.

A Fortunate Setback for Compassion Seattle?

Compassion Seattle had a difficult birth, steering a course among the business community, the service providers, and the good-government types who opposed the charter-amendment route. Even with the court setback, the group may have political legs.

Lessons From Kabul: Learning from Political Retreats

Biden could pull back from his Everythingness to focus on one big goal, such as climate change. In Seattle, that big single goal could be housing.

Wealth Disparity is a Growing (and Dangerous) Threat to Democracy

Critics charge that the growing gap in wealth among Americans is not a random economic trend but a politically driven plan to protect a select group’s capital and their ability to increase it through manipulating our democratic decision-making process.

State Auditor: ‘Several Problems’ with Black Brilliance Contract

The State Auditor wrote: "in my view, the city exercised only the bare minimum of accountability and transparency in this matter."

Record Rates Of Young Voters in 2020: The Challenge is to Keep Them Engaged

With pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds, automatic voter registration, same day registration, and more ballot drop boxes, the state experienced a 17-point increase in turnout by young voters last year.

Power Grab: Seattle City Council Engineers Moves Against a Lame Duck Mayor

A new laws create a new budget office to prepare forecasts, duplicating an office that already exists. In a comic twist, the law says if the council dislikes the economic forecasts, it can ignore them.

Emily’s List Weighs in for Lorena Gonzalez

Emily’s List – the Emily stands for "Early Money is Like Yeast” -- has a long history here and fair amount on the line.

Meet NTK: Unknown Candidate to City Attorney Frontrunner

Elections have consequences, and changes in how we pay for and conduct politics likewise have consequences.

The Money Funding Trump’s Ludicrous Election Conspiracies

The Republican Party needs Donald Trump's populist appeal to turn out white voters in their primaries. And just as important, multimillionaire business owners will donate unlimited amounts to elect a Trump Republican candidate.

Ticky Tacky: Two Pols Raising Money By Demonizing Opponents

Mayoral candidate Lorena Gonzalez uses George Petrie’s perfectly legal donation to deliver guilt-by-association.  Petrie’s donation to Bruce Harrell’s PAC pales in comparison to the labor PAC that has been running TV spots and sending out dried cherries to boost Gonzalez.

Retain This: Lorena Gonzalez’s Brazen Deflection on Keeping Police Officers

When some city councilmembers praised Seattle Police for sticking with the job, Council President Gonzalez was having none of it.

Six To-Do’s for November’s Election

What is a concerned civic voter to do to overcome unwanted cards being dealt? Here are some suggestions for a three-month political party.

Logjam: State’s Top Officials Grow Old in Place While New Talent Stacks Up

A wait-your-turn mentality has infected Washington's ruling Democratic Party in the quest for higher office.