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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Seattle City Council Finally Crafts a ‘Boss-Tax’ That Can Survive

One positive step was the emergence of Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, who happens to be the current budget chair and who knows how to consult with business for their views and to get other councilmembers on board.

Seattle Faces A Budget Reckoning. Here’s What We Learned Last Time.

We bargained with the unions, getting concessions like unpaid furloughs so that we could reduce the number of layoffs. We closed libraries for a week in August. We cut community center hours and reduced park maintenance.

Election 2020: A Pandemic of Foreign Policy Ailments in Need of Urgent Care

Trump’s abdication of traditional U.S. leadership in NATO and alliances to tackle global problems, like climate change and nuclear proliferation, worries the foreign policy establishment.

Mayor Durkan Snaps And Out Pops a Decisive Mayor

It is extremely unlikely that the council would heed her advice and investigate and punish Sawant, even though few on the council harbor any affection for the boundary-pushing socialist.

One Of My Distant Ancestors Was An Oregon Missionary. Should His Statue Come Down?

Moving the statues around may be a sort of deck chairs on the Titanic exercise if we don’t do a deeper dive into the complex history of this nation. On the other hand, the statues could be an entry point.

What Does Post-Republican Politics Look Like?

Critics have made the case that the term “centrist” is mushy and undefined, and that the political center doesn’t even exist. They have a point. Politics ultimately is about ideas and specific policy proposals.

How Far Left Do Mayor Durkan And Joe Biden Have To Go?

Both are under pressure from the left that threatens to make them look like pandering non-leaders rather than principled leaders who know where they stand.

CHOP: Tragedy Of Errors, Now In Its Final Act

As the CHOP begins to wind down, we can see its brief existence as a sign of renewed hope for sustainable change in how we address structural racism. But the weeks were also filled with people making dumb mistakes and doubling down on them, and as we enter the final act of this Shakespearean tragedy of errors, it seems few will emerge unscathed.

How Does Seattle Make Progress Post-CHOP?

Two groups likely hold the key. One is Black Lives Matter, which has an issue-focus on police reform but needs to get some distance from its CHOP partners on the far/libertarian/utopian Left. The other group is labor, which is now the key driver of Seattle politics (by default).

CHOP Devolves, And Defunding Loses Lustre

Those in Fox News and kindred media who saw the worst from the start—a totalitarian micro-dystopia ruled by a shadowy gun-toting rapper “warlord”—are doubtless rolling in “I told you so” bliss. But their dark pronouncements have from the start exaggerated the zone’s dangers, excesses, and even extent.