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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Coming Up: Live Zoomcast with Mort Kondracke And David Domke on Election 2020

Mort Kondracke Folio: The Seattle Athenaeum, a nonprofit membership library in the Pike Place Market, is launching a...

Early Handicapping 2020 Washington State Elections

Until very recently the King County suburbs were the state’s main battleground. Now the swing districts are in Pierce, Mason, Clark, Cowlitz, Skagit, Island, and Whatcom counties. There are ZERO competitive partisan races in King County this year.

Veepstakes: Vetting the Spouses

Vetting what was surely a small pool in 1984 did not uncover problems with the business connections of John Zaccaro, Geraldine Ferraro’s husband. In time, the couple were forced to reveal their tax records, producing yet more questions and allegations and preventing Ferraro from gaining a real footing on the campaign trail.

Don Jr: The Comedy Stylings Of My Comic Genius Dad

“Today, Jared Kushner is the only comic on Dad’s level. Have you seen Jared’s Mideast peace plan?”

Memo To Biden: Get Generous, Get Specific, Name Your Cabinet

Numerous reports indicate that Biden has wisely dropped the theme of restoring “normalcy” and has shifted to a New Deal-style expansion of federal programs. But up to a point.

Will The New Progressive Seattle City Council Find Its Footing And Govern?

The big political question is whether the new progressive majority on the Seattle City Council can adjust to the new economic realities and find the coherence to actually get something done.

Uneasy Times for Evangelicals In Voting for Donald Trump

While the Moral Majority no longer exists, the religious right has seized control of the movement that definitely influenced the outcome in the 2016 presidential election. Evangelicals favored Trump over Clinton, 79-16%.

My Campaign to Bar Straight, White Males From Voting

Recent findings strengthen my case. Neurologists have discovered a disorder called NASCAR cortex. “Watching cars circle a racetrack for 3-1/2 hours, while hoping in vain to witness a ghastly accident, severely degrades synaptic communication within the neocortex.

Handicapping Joe Biden’s Veep Candidates

This is a subjective ranking by two women journalists with long careers in national politics and foreign policy. We invite our readers to comment with their own assessments as to who is up and who is down.

Reimagining America: A Nation of Regional City-States?

And what would a city-state of Seattle look like? It would be a progressive bloc, quite unified in its politics, particularly over the environment, social justice (attention Amazon!), and climate issues. It would be diverse, welcoming to migrants, globally open.