Nine Reasons Joe Biden Is Down

Steeped in D.C. Democratic politics, Biden seems more intent on serving various interest-group causes, if only in speeches and kitchen-sink legislation that can't make it to his desk.

Nicholas Kristof for Oregon Governor? Um… Buffering…

Kristof and his campaign operatives have long contended that he should qualify as a resident based on his deep roots in the state.

Wanted: A Better Strategy to Defend Democracy

Democrats are never very good at organizing to win at the state and local level.

Hey Democrats! You’re Going About Fighting Threats to Democracy in the Wrong Way

The risk the Democrats are running is not only that they are putting the emphasis on the wrong leg of the three-legged stool of elections, but that they will be perceived as trying to control the electoral process from the top-down, through federal legislation.

Distress: I’m Watching Friends Fall for Inexplicable Conspiracy Theories

“Deep State,” “swamp,” “false flag operation” -- people believe this stuff or, more accurately, it is drummed into them. The easy explanation appeals.

Jay Inslee’s Intriguing Side Trip to Chicago: Still a Presidential Itch?

Is Inslee thinking about his next act, and do those thoughts extend to a possible bid for president in 2024?

Broke: Our Two-Party System has Failed

Republicans are a danger to democracy and the Constitution, yet Democrats seem unable or unwilling to unite behind a centrist agenda to stop them.

Through a COVID Glass Darkly: Predictions for the Coming Year

Things are a-changing in the City...

Stumped by Trump, Disaffected Republicans Should Create a Third Party for 2024

The Lincoln Project could charter an independent party and get it on the ballot in key states, but the obvious question is who would be on the ticket. 

Trump says Jump. Alaska Governor Dunleavy says “Of Course.”

Such deals are rarely spelled out in public. But Trump is bluntly bent on party domination, insisting on the fealty of Republican officeholders and candidates. And he despises Sen. Murkowski.

2022: Republicans Target Washington State, Hoping for a Rebound

An internal purge of Republicans in Congress is one national question being fought out in this Washington. So is the battle for control of Congress.

Twelve Suggestions for Seattle’s New Mayor: Take a Councilmember to Lunch!

Your buddy Norm Rice lunched each month with a different councilmember at a neighborhood restaurant of his/her choosing. By all accounts, it worked to cement relations.

Warning: This is How Our Mechanisms of Secular Democracy are being Undermined

Trump acts as a revolutionary in tearing down our government. But rather than leading a violent overthrow (which lingers in the background as a possibility), he is astutely attacking democracy’s governing norms. The most critical norm is that our democracy works.

Jayapal & DelBene: Exit Hare, Hello Tortoise…

A Conservative columnist gloats: "It turns out that Jayapal’s master plan, which endeared her to progressives at the time, was a disaster of epic proportions for the Democrats."

How Kamala Harris Could Get Her Mojo Back

Savvy politicos point out that Biden himself had early missteps as Obama's vice president. Those pols are now offering suggestions for Harris.

The Republicans Are Coming

Campaign tactics used by our state parties have taken the form of leaden stereotyping. 

Julie Anderson Jumps Early in The Suddenly Important Race for Secretary of State

The incumbent, Steve Hobbs, is not beloved by the progressive wing of the Democratic party and hasn’t shown much firepower as a statewide candidate, finishing fourth in the 2016 primary for lieutenant governor.

Mercer Island: The Partisanization of a Local Government

In dealing with stormwater issues, Mercer Island proved Winston Churchill right about Americans: We’ll always do the right thing – after we’d tried everything else.

Interview: Jelani Cobb on Race and Organizing People at the Bottom

Cobb: "BLM has managed to be effective for a startling amount of time without one central leader.

Sawant Recall: Why She Survived and What’s Next

It's not surprising that the Seattle electorate wants to have it both ways. Throw out the radicals in the November election, but rally behind a Socialist in December.

Energized: Abortion as Urgent Issue

The Court no longer has O’Connor, Souter, and Kennedy to craft a wise ruling.  Roe is on the ropes. How come? Like those teenagers nearly 30 years ago, choice has been a right taken for granted.

NBC Pollster John Lapinski: Democrats in Peril

The response rate for pollsters is way low, about 1 percent. Take the margin of error of a poll and multiply by two, meaning most polled races are really tossups.

Post Alley Podcast: Sandeep Kaushik on what November’s Elections Tell us about Seattle

Are we beginning a new era in Seattle politics after this month's elections? Has the political landscape realigned itself?

Recall Sawant? Ex-Colleagues and Close Observers Weigh In

She was determined to be an activist first and a legislator second.  

Pramila Jayapal, Speaker-in-Waiting?

Rep. Jayapal has seen her power and influence grow on Capitol Hill. But she has an uneven record as power broker on the home front.

Roadmap: How Trump Plans to Ensure a 2024 Win

The audience has been prepped to expect that if a Republican loses the next presidential election, it will be because of fraud.

State Democrats Gamble and Kick Redistricting to the Supremes

So what will the Supremes do with this task, which they never asked for and likely don’t really want? Well, they might go looking for a map that checks the boxes in the law.

Split State Polls: Bad News for Biden, Support for Abortion Rights

Voters like the Biden bills but that doesn't translate into approval for Biden's job performance. Meanwhile, Roe v. Wade shows its political staying power.

Pramila Jayapal Makes a Whistle-Stop Appearance at Horizon House

Asked about the recent back-to-the-center Seattle elections, candidates, and issues, the Congresswoman ducked, saying, "Any election is about local issues."

Lisa Murkowski Preps for a Tough Senate Reelection Battle

A Trump-backed challenger, Kelly Tshibaka, has been in the field for months. She has labeled Murkowski “Biden’s chief enabling officer” and accused the incumbent of “going against President Trump, whose policies were the best that Alaska has ever known.”