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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Why Authoritarian Leaders Minimize COVID-19

Once the death toll can no longer be denied, these leaders shift to blaming others for the pandemic. Consider the cases of Xi, Putin, Bolsonaro, and Trump

“We Shall Beat It On The Beaches, We Shall Beat It On TV” –...

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to me, and me alone. Only I can fix this.

A Bridge Too High? How Warren Magnuson Overbuilt The West Seattle Bridge

Maggie drained the entire $100 million bridge replacement fund and soon the bridge design was high enough to allow passage of "the highest mast conceivable for a ship at that time; higher than has ever been remotely needed."

Running for Office When the World is Shut Down: How One Candidate Is Adapting

For candidates running in the time of pandemic, whether it’s Joe Biden seeking to unseat Donald Trump, or a 37-year-old Seattle woman seeking office for the first time, the playbook of how to get elected has changed in ways nobody ever envisioned.

Why Hasn’t Washington Adopted Ranked Choice Voting?

FairVoteWA, the citizens group urging adoption of the system, urged the state Democratic Party to use it in its multi-candidate March 9 primary, but for unexplained reasons it declined, even though its 2018 platform calls for its adoption, presumably statewide.

Sanders Slogs On: He’ll Stay in the Race, Threatening to Splinter the Left

Bernie Sanders is one more example of how, once bitten by the presidential bug, politicians stay infected for years.

Russia Abruptly Locks Down: Borders Closing, Air Travel Suspended, Public Told to Stay Home

Putin’s posture during the pandemic had for weeks mimicked that of Donald Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who persisted in brushing off the threat to their countries from a virus that was spreading rapidly elsewhere.

What the Record Shows So Far: Trump’s Pandemic Performance

President Trump’s attitude to the approaching pandemic has not been one of optimism but of denying the probability of its existence and of deflecting responsibility for appropriately responding.

Vote Safe: A Vote-By-Mail Presidential Election?

The proposal, popular in the Northwest, got entangled in big-money politics in the Senate. But Vote-by-Mail could still emerge as a solution to the 2020 general election.

An Election Now Shaped By Pandemic Politics

Polls are now fluctuating dramatically. Trump’s approval ratings are up. Majorities approve of his handling of the crisis. And yet Biden still leads in head-to-head match ups.