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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Defining NATO Summit Success Down: Avoiding Failure In The Age Of Trump

If Putin could have one wish granted, it would be for the demise of NATO. Since its formation in 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has succeeded where the Kremlin-controlled Warsaw Pact failed.

Bye bye Kamala, Hello Pete: Why Buttigieg is Rising and Harris is History

Since September, Buttigieg has been doing what all of the Biden-lane candidates, Harris included, should have been doing from the outset but -- an abiding mystery to me -- apparently were too cowed by Twitter to do.

Why Giving Locally on Giving Tuesday Is More Important This Year

The Trump-led change in the law made tax filing easier for many middle-income filers, but it also suddenly eliminated a major incentive to give to charity.

I-976 Trust Issues: Opening For A Governor Eyman?

Now, after hearing from voters, officials are risking further distrust by ignoring them thereby putting in jeopardy future tax asks, no matter how justified.

Eye Witness: WTO – The Battle of Seattle 20 Years Ago

Seattle, known as a tolerant city, was portrayed as naïve in expecting things to go peacefully. Perhaps, but more importantly, the City was not prepared for massive demonstrations.

Trump Could Win in 2020, but the GOP Is Losing Suburbs and Sinking Fast

That national Republican suburban collapse is driving politics here too. Since Trump became the face of the GOP, Republicans have lost 12 seats in Olympia, and one seat in Congress, all from suburban districts. That is likely to continue next year.

The Michael Bloomberg Lane: Is There One?

The billionaire ex-mayor of New York City isn't done thinking about being president. Post Alley writers think about that.

A Better (And Fairer) Way To Fund Medicare For All.

What employers now pay for their workers’ health insurance should be paid NOT to the government but to the workers as a raise – both the portion already taken out of employee paychecks and the company’s share.

Election: Lessons and Predictions from the Voters

To me, the election was clarifying, and it's pretty obvious which way the wind is blowing.

Election: Voters Produce a Dog’s Breakfast

Whether this new city council can make progress on poverty, housing and revenue reform is very much an open question.