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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Democratic Voters Swing Left, But Moderates Still Have an Edge

Political analyst William Saletan thinks the moderates are winning the nomination, but the liberals have won the decade. He's partly right.

All Jumbled Up: The Shifting Politics Of Trade In The China And NAFTA 2.0...

While both Trump and Democrats have been politicizing the trade issue, the President not bashing China and Democrats voting in favor of his USMCA are encouraging. I sense a growing realization that trade wars are not good for the economy.

Will Older Women Pick the Next President?

A new poll published by AARP found that women over 50 are poised to have a decisive voice in choosing our next president because 95 percent of them plan to vote.

A Native American Movement for Reparations Starts to Find its Voice

A proposal in Vancouver, B.C. could be "the most dramatic statement of urban Indigenous presence in any Canadian city – a new district called Senakw, after the long-displaced village."

Not Just Trump: NW Republicans’ Other Problematic Candidates

Republicans have at least three candidates or potential candidates who are deeply controversial and threaten to be embarrassing to the party’s chances to regain a position as serious contender in statewide politics.

Outlook for a New Decade: Here’s Hoping It’s Darkest Before the Dawn

What we feared during the last decade when autocrats and populists took power in democratic countries like ours has come to pass and surpass our worst nightmares.

A Grassroots Guide to Boosting Local Minimum Wages

Local and state actions have become necessary because Congress, under the control of either party, has up to now been unwilling or unable to increase the minimum wage.

2020: Women Have Forever Changed Presidential Politics

The bonanza of women that sought the Democratic nomination this cycle reflects the increase in women running for office at all levels. Not only did a record number of women win election to Congress in 2018, but a growing number of those who lost that race already have filed to run again.

Bomb-Bomb-Iran: The Three People Who Could Dissuade Trump

No, not Mitch McConnell or Pompeo. Or, for that matter, any of the Republicans currently serving in the government.

What Seattle Should Expect in 2020

In terms of fundamentals, compared to other American cities, upper-middlebrow Seattle in 2020 will remain the same as it was in 2019: white, woke, wealthy, and (sigh) too wet. Plus ça change.