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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

An Anatomy of Boeing’s Problems. And Seattle’s.

As for the impact on Seattle if Boeing is really crippled, I wonder how well local planners are taking that into account.

The Sounders Lift Our Spirits. Let Me Count the Ways.

For millions of short or average height—like me—this is such a refreshing change from the super-bulked athletes of professional football or the towering giants of basketball.

Uber is Escalating the Scooter Battle Into a War Over Big Data

"Grab the popcorn. This is a major power struggle over the future of city streets, and it’s just getting started.”

The Kennedy Center’s New Campus And Its Seattle Connections

One wonders, as former Seattle Symphony exec Deborah Rutter reinvents the cultural center to reach wider audiences with striking architecture, whether that might have happened (or still could happen) at Seattle Center.

As California Burns, Will Climate Refugees Head This Way?

The rest of the West has always been peopled by former Californians, and that includes the Northwest. I wonder how much our demographers are calculating for this new migration.

Why There Won’t Be Another Jim Ellis

Activists today are too suspicious of the Ellis style of gathering the key power players, mostly white males in those days, and wary of people in power, especially business leaders (which was Ellis's stock in trade).

How Many Carbs In Today’s News?

Most of us have learned to read the label when we buy food. We check the amount of calories, carbs or sugar before deciding what to eat. Why don’t we do the same with news?

Newcomers Versus Old-Timers: Recipe For New Political Alignment?

The discontents are the longer-in-towns, who may resent the passing of the old Seattle (Boeing jobs, bungalows, and mobility).

Dem Debate: Warren Debunked; Looking At Amy And Pete

Warren's failure to answer the medicare cost issue hurts her. Her wealth tax is likewise improbable and likely unconstitutional. Time to look at Amy and Pete.

Dem Debate: It’s Simple – Follow The 2018 Template!

Nancy Pelosi was smart. Focus on the issues where most Americans are already with he Democrats and keep it simple. So why don't some of the candidates get this?