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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Godden on West Seattle: Bring Back the Mosquito Fleet? (and other news)

A new way to get off West Seattle, and a local city's leg-pulling twitter site.

Coming Up: Live Zoomcast with Mort Kondracke And David Domke on Election 2020

Mort Kondracke Folio: The Seattle Athenaeum, a nonprofit membership library in the Pike Place Market, is launching a...

Northeastern Oregon, Where Wearing Masks is a Signal

The wearing and non-wearing of masks serves as a convenient statement in this rural county. Wearing one in town I definitely felt like I was signaling my tribal identity, which seems crazy, but there it is."

How Convention Centers Devour Their Cities

"What troubled me about the whole convention center business/financial model was its self-feeding locomotion. Once a city begins to compete in the big leagues (not unlike sports) it has to buy into a whole multi-decade commitment. And the bar keeps getting raised."

Don Jr: The Comedy Stylings Of My Comic Genius Dad

“Today, Jared Kushner is the only comic on Dad’s level. Have you seen Jared’s Mideast peace plan?”

Uneasy Times for Evangelicals In Voting for Donald Trump

While the Moral Majority no longer exists, the religious right has seized control of the movement that definitely influenced the outcome in the 2016 presidential election. Evangelicals favored Trump over Clinton, 79-16%.

My Campaign to Bar Straight, White Males From Voting

Recent findings strengthen my case. Neurologists have discovered a disorder called NASCAR cortex. “Watching cars circle a racetrack for 3-1/2 hours, while hoping in vain to witness a ghastly accident, severely degrades synaptic communication within the neocortex.

Remember When We Actually Ate At Seattle Restaurants?

I was no Gael Green, the glamorous NYM food critic, but I’d been eating solid food for over 30 years, and I owned a set of escargot plates as well as a mortar and pestle, so I bellied up to the task of dining around town on an expense account.

Financial Disclosure Forms Show A Less-Wealthy Seattle City Council

As a result of last year’s elections, the new City Council is much less rich than the previous one — though there are still a couple of millionaires in the bunch.

Unglamorous But Useful: Behold the Wild Choke Cherry

The choke cherry’s beautiful bark is its claim to fame. Native people used strips buffed to a gorgeous copper to imbricate designs on baskets.