Time to Lower the Heat in the Post-Roe Commentary

If the SCOTUS decision is the beginning, not the end, of the debate, we will need a lot more thoughtful commentary. Here are some examples.

It was 50 Years Ago Today: When Watergate Became “Watergate”

And now, of course, we are, 50 years later, riveted by the Stealgate hearings.

Coming Attractions: Weed Against Taxes on Weed

The pot industry argues that the state’s already high tax on cannabis makes it difficult to compete with the illegal market.

Sen. Heartless Has a PR Problem

Sending out the Senator's heart to aggrieved communities creates a tricky logistical problem.

How Washington State Has Done on Gun Control

This state does have some of the stricter gun laws in the country. Advocates rank Washington as 10th toughest in the nation.

A Glimmer of Hope for Passing Gun Legislation: A Quiet Breakfast Deal

Imagining a Joe and Mitch breakfast discussion. If the GOP agrees to some progress on gun control, what would be the trade-off?

Does Biden Know He Shouldn’t Run in ’24?

I expect that Joe Biden will use the shellacking in the 2022 elections as the incentive to announce his non-candidacy in 2024. He's wise to wait.

Remembering John Aylward. Fondly.

Someone suggested we call John Aylward, who was currently a star actor at the Seattle Repertory Theater. John accepted without pause.

How the Mythic ‘Northwest Passage’ Helped Define the Pacific Northwest

Even Thomas Jefferson, in late life and after Meriwether Lewis reported otherwise, believed that rivers and lakes could combine to whisk traders from one coast to the other.

Needed: A Fresh Face Atop the 2024 Democratic Ticket

General McCaffrey dared to say: Joe Biden is too old and he's never going to get re-elected in 2024. So....

Mass Shootings: Something Important has Changed

If something has changed in the terrible evil of these mass shooting and gun violence — a move from the psychologically troubled to the politically/racially motivated and radicalized — something hasn’t changed at all.

“A Bundle of Ideas”: Acting Chief Adrian Diaz Talks Reforms

Diaz sees the various crises as an opportunity, a good time to make change and to rethink policing by challenging the status quo of policing.

Seattle’s “Moral Majority”: Reverend Mark Matthews’ Outsized Role in Early Seattle

There were few matters in our post-Alaska Gold Rush town of 80,000 that failed to inspire Doctor Matthews. 

Recipes: Asparagus in the Short Spring

It is wonderful now, but it will not be near as good in the middle of summer. This is its time, spring.

The Last Days of Reproductive Freedom

"I fear that these weeks while we await the issuing of the final Supreme Court decision are the last days of reproductive freedom in America."

Boeing: Move to DC is all About Our Values

"We are moving to Arlington to concentrate on lobbying, coopting regulators, buying politicians, sucking up to Generals, flattering bigwigs, cozying up to reporters, and misinforming the public."

Polarized Frenzy: Is There Room for the Moderate?

The immediate effect of the leak has been to ratchet our polarization higher and tighter — which may have the intent of the leak.

How Bud Krogh Quietly Helped in the Creation of Town Hall Seattle

The Town Hall connection emerged when out of the blue Krogh helped me understand why I and others were having such a hard time getting anywhere in our decade-long efforts to purchase the Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist for conversion to a music and civic venue on Seattle’s First Hill.

The Big Gamble: COVID and Children

The CDC has reported that, by the latter stages of the Omicron surge, ~75% of American children 0-17 tested positive for COVID antibodies, meaning they’d had the disease.

Before or After: A Global Trade Debate

Fair traders are often depicted as anti-trade, but this is far too simple a branding.

Remembering Harriet Bullitt: “I Bought a Radio Station!”

"After some research, I purchased the station, directed a change in format and of course the Limbaugh show was one of the first programs dropped!”

Early Days: Local Asparagus with Risotto

The asparagus of early spring, 2022.

Doomism: The Fear of Feeling Futile

There’s no such thing as pass-fail when it comes to the climate crisis.

Clyde Ford’s New Book: The Role of Black Labor in Building White Wealth and...

Under slavery, a privileged few benefited from the unpaid labor of many.

How Seattle Addressed Homelessness in an Earlier Era

The Second World War brought many migrants to the Pacific Northwest, including large numbers of African Americans and Asians working at Boeing, the shipyards, fishing, and timber.  Those desperate newcomers needed shelter.

“If I Remain Silent, I am not a Priest”

“We don’t have to repeat mistakes of those Christians who supported the German government when they invaded Poland many years ago.”

Rebate to Nowhere: British Columbia’s Feckless Fuel Folly

While governments put money in peoples’ hands, they tend to reach into taxpayers’ pockets.

Washington Strengthens Abortion Protection, Just as Idaho Weakens Such Laws

Inslee minced no words, proclaiming "if Idaho won't stand up for your rights, I will." The signing came just days after Idaho enacted legislation to allow lawsuits by "potential family members" to enforce an abortion ban after six weeks into pregnancy, a time when many are not aware of their condition. 

Ukraine Fallout: An Orthodox Awakening May be Stirring in the Russian Orthodox Church

For more than a decade, Russian imperial bullying has been paralleled by the bullying of other Orthodox communions by the Patriarchate of Moscow, as it seeks hegemony in the Orthodox world.

How, 50 Years Ago, Washington Citizens Rose Up to Enact Stiff Public Disclosure Laws

The law, strengthened and passed by voters' initiative, required disclosure of sources of campaign contributions along with reports of how the money was spent. It mandated reporting of personal financial interests by candidates, elected officials, and certain appointees. It also regulated lobbying and required reporting of the money lobbyists spend to influence legislation.