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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

70 Ex-US Senators Sign Letter Rebuking Present-Day Senators

It was heartening to see all four living ex-senators from the Northwest—all Republicans—on this list.

Architect Rem Koolhaas, Restlessly Voyaging into the Future

It's interesting to note that Seattle, not particularly known for its architecture, showcases four famous and influential architects. The Dutchman Koolhaas, a former journalist and compelling writer, has forged a new kind of boldly engineered third-wave, ironic modernism.

Bumbershoot Update: One Seattle Icon Reclaims Another

It's hard to get more local than One Reel, its artistic and creative pedigree is unsurpassed here, and even the company slogan "Our stage is Seattle" is encouraging.

Dept. Of Awards & Accolades – Why Honor Melania Trump?

I find it difficult to celebrate Melania Trump bringing "awareness to issues that impact children's lives" when I look at how her spouse's policies have harmed so many children, like those separated from their desperate parents.

Idea: Making Paris A “15-Minute-City”

This focus on mixing as many uses as possible within the same space challenges much of the planning orthodoxy of the past century or so, which has studiously attempted to separate residential areas from retail, entertainment, manufacturing, and office districts.

Biblical Literacy, Now Lost, Was a Key Source of Lincoln’s Greatness

Adam Gopnik has written that Lincoln “had mastered the sound of the King James Bible so completely that he could recast abstract issues of constitutional law in biblical terms.”

The Case Against The Growing Environmental Disaster Of Tourism

Seattle, which has declared its desire to cut carbon emissions in the region, has instead fallen behind, coming up well shy of its reduction goals. One of the big culprits? Phenomenal growth in air traffic in and out of Sea-Tac, where passenger traffic increased from 34.8 million in 2013 to 49.8 million in 2018, an annual growth of about 8 percent.

Impeachment Failed. So Was It Worth It?

The impeachment process put a stake in the ground. It has put House members, Senators, and many others on record on this President. It has provided information, testimony, and argument that frame the issues and what is at stake here. That has been worth doing, even if the outcome falls short of removal from office.

Democrats Dilemma: Build a Movement or Dump Trump?

Only 53% of Sanders supporters say they will vote for the Democratic nominee, even if their candidate is defeated.

This Year’s Clinton Emails Slur – Joe Biden’s Son

In the impeachment games, Trump got off and Biden got smeared. Get ready for Emails 2.0.