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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Dem Debate: Warren Debunked; Looking At Amy And Pete

Warren's failure to answer the medicare cost issue hurts her. Her wealth tax is likewise improbable and likely unconstitutional. Time to look at Amy and Pete.

Dem Debate: It’s Simple – Follow The 2018 Template!

Nancy Pelosi was smart. Focus on the issues where most Americans are already with he Democrats and keep it simple. So why don't some of the candidates get this?

Dem Debates: The Leftward-Ho March Is Slowing

And Joe? God bless him. He must be related to George W. Bush. The English language is not, apparently, his native tongue.

Dem Debates: Intensifying the Civil War in the Democratic Party

The liberals gave as good as they got, blasting “corporate” Democrats who only want to make incremental change.

Dem Debates: The Perils of Feverish Factionalism

I fear that any of the Big Three are creating personas of self that will serve up red meat for the ravenous pit bulls to be mega-funded in the campaign to make Donald Trump not the issue.

Dem Debates: Warren Keeps Winning the Media Nod. But Why?

I still heard Warren being declared a debate "winner" by the talking heads, because she is queen of the Twitter-and-Pronouns educated white progressive wing of the party, and national journalists at papers like the Times and the Post are all card-carrying members of this cohort.

Dem Debates: Mayor Pete Frames the Post-Trump World

Meg Greenfield, the late and witty editor of the editorial page of The Washington Post, used to...

Democrats’ Debate: Let a Little Sunshine In

The best thing you can say about Julian Castro’s taunting of Joe Biden about “forgetting what he...

Dem Debate: A House Divided?

With so many threats to American security and democracy that every one of the 10 candidates was able to plant his or her flag on a vital issue.

Dem Debates: Down To The Big Three? Please, No!

Axios on Monday heralded “a steady and indisputable trend: The Democratic 2020 race is a three-way brawl between 70-somethings.” Not so fast.