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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Eric Scigliano

Eric Scigliano has written on varied environmental, cultural and political subjects for many local and national publications. His books include Puget Sound: Sea Between the Mountains, Love War and Circuses (Seeing the Elephant), Michelangelo’s Mountain, Flotsametrics and the Floating World (with Curtis Ebbesmeyer), The Wild Edge, and, newly published, The Big Thaw: Ancient Carbon and a Race to Save the Planet.

Economy and Ecology: Sibling Rivals For Our Planetary Predicament

All too often, natural scientists and economists seem to be talking past each other. The scientists propound values—biodiversity, ecosystem integrity, the elusive but essential quality of “wildness”—that are not readily measurable in financial terms, hence not considered by traditional economists.

Impeaching Trump: Is That All There Is?

Is it wise to put the whole case in this one Ukraine basket? This scandal seems to have moved that meter only marginally. Trump's earlier potential crimes and misdemeanors, if less serious, may be easier to understand.

Big Thaw At The Top of The Earth, Big Peril to Earth’s Climate

The Polaris Project is an innovative research and educational venture dedicated to twin ambitious goals: to determine what will happen to the vast trove of carbon frozen in Arctic soils as the planet warms (and how that will in turn affect the climate), and to recruit, inspire, and train the next generation of Arctic scientists.

No Harm No Foul? Sorry, Damage Has Already Been Done

It's eerie how Team Trump's main defense -- hey, the aid was finally delivered to Ukraine and no Biden investigation happened so no harm, no foul --...

What Would Uncle George Do? My Heroic Immigrant Great-Uncle And His Message For Today

Trim the flowery language and substitute “Mexican” and “Central American” for “Italian” and “Portuguese,” and George Scigliano could be speaking to our own overheated times. In his day, Italy was the largest source of immigrants to this country, and Italian immigrant labor was nearly as important to the economy’s functioning as Mexican immigrant labor is today.

Latest Post Alley Posts

King County, E-book-Lending Capital Of The World

King County Library System is the third-busiest e-book lender in the country (after the Los Angeles Public Library and the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium) and fourth-largest in the world (Toronto is No.1 with more than 6 million checkouts). But the Seattle region tops all libraries in digital checkouts when you add in Seattle Public Libraries, which posted more than 3 million digital checkouts in 2019.

Has Downtown Seattle Become a War Zone?

Add to the crime problem the coming years of "The Seattle Squeeze," caused by massive construction activity, and you have a Downtown Seattle under political strain.

Don’t Get Shot! Will Gray Wolves Be Dropped From The Endangered Species List?

If wolves lose all federal protection, as is now threatened, they still have the state. But Washington state policy looks uncertain.

Urban Asset: What To Do With Underused Churches

Purchasing a church is not easy, as the congregation is normally split between the sell-and-move faction and the nostalgic-stay-put group. It took the congregation of the Christian Science Church about 10 years to make a decision -- the kind of debate and delay that often chases off developers. But what lovely assets these old sanctuaries are!

Are We Going To Save Orcas Or Not? Another Blow to Chinook Salmon

"Fishery managers and NOAA could resolve this by moving Southeast Alaska’s Chinook fishery in or near the Alaskan rivers where their Chinook were born, allowing Chinook from down the coast to migrate back to their home rivers along the coast, and giving Southern Resident killer whales a chance to feed.”