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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Trump: Standing Up For Our Freedom To Infect

Trump: "Face masks are the Green New Deal. Face Masks are socialism. Real Americans don’t wear face masks. Real Americans infect. FTI! Freedom to Infect!”

Inside the Idiocracy: Alexa Answers it All for You

A Snide Steven tries and fails to get Alexa clued in to the pandemic's costs. Alexa answers with crocodile tears and Amazon propaganda.

Humor: Trump, “Reality” TV, and another Brilliant Cabinet Meeting

"I am planning a three-hour television special, 'The Toughest Decision in History,' where I will announce the biggest decision I have ever faced, in fact, the biggest decision that any political leader has ever faced. It will be incredible TV. Tremendous TV."

7(0) Deadly Sins: Clifford’s Five-Year Plan For Surviving Trump

In purging Trump from your mind, my wife advised, “Start with something simple. In March begin with the beastly length of his ties. In April add that for all his money, he employs cheap tailors and none of his suits fit."

Humor: Tips on Buying Off Shakedown Artists on the Phone

It was Seattle City light threatening to turn off my electricity unless I paid them $857 immediately. I told them to collect a $1,000 Amazon gift card.

Bullshitting Versus Lying — There’s A Difference, You Know

If Trump is not to blame for all the bullshit in America, what is? Higher education.