Barry Mitzman

Barry is best known as a Peabody Award-winning TV producer and moderator.

Failing Their Yelp Reviews: Who’s in Charge of These National Parks, Anyway?

Tina L. from Mexico City complains of having to pay admission just “to see a bunch of trees,” adding, “You really have to have a knack for nature if you're going to visit this park.” Hard to argue with that.

The Senate on Daylight Saving: Wow! We Passed a Bill!

Currently, U.S. public opinion is divided, providing no clear mandate for permanent DST. But scientific evidence and opinion have lined up solidly against DST in winter.

Thirty Years After the Scandal that Changed Northwest Politics Forever

From it flowed a cascade of effects that brought about a remarkable and under-appreciated rise of women into elected office in Washington, a political ascendancy unmatched in any other state.

Senior Scholar Show-Off: The UW at $25-a-Class

The legislature in 1975 authorized state colleges and universities to waive tuition and other fees for would-be scholars aged 60 and up. Today, the UW’s ACCESS Program opens a wide range of classes to olds like me for the absurdly low price of $25 per five-credit course, up to two courses per quarter.

Trumpster Joseph diGenova’s Significant Washington State Legacy

diGenova is not your average QAnon cultist. He’s a former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. In that role he played a part in former Washington Senator Brock Adams' fall from the Senate.

Time Trap: Why Shifting to Year-round Daylight Saving Time is Misguided

The idea of observing DST year-round—permanently, this time—is gaining ground across the nation, even though history and recent scientific discoveries suggest we would be better off ditching DST completely and sticking to standard time.

Blinded by the Light: How Washington State Signed on to Year-round Daylight Saving

Washington lawmakers went for year-round daylight saving without much consideration of history or science.

The Story Behind The Story Of Trump’s Failed Attempt To Buy A German Vaccine

When the president reportedly offered $1 billion for a possible Covid-19 vaccine from a German biotech, all hell broke lose. History helps explain why.

Warning: Daylight Saving Could be Hazardous to Your Health

Many experts in physiology and related fields have lately come to the alarming conclusion that our bodies never fully adjust to DST, and that it’s bad for our health.

Thanks, GOP: More in Washington are Without Health Insurance

Statewide, Medicaid enrollment continued to fall in 2019, and coverage via individual plans also fell, OFM says, which signals that the uninsured rate probably continued to rise last year.