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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Barry Mitzman

Barry is best known as a Peabody Award-winning TV producer and moderator.

The Story Behind The Story Of Trump’s Failed Attempt To Buy A German Vaccine

When the president reportedly offered $1 billion for a possible Covid-19 vaccine from a German biotech, all hell broke lose. History helps explain why.

Warning: Daylight Saving Could be Hazardous to Your Health

Many experts in physiology and related fields have lately come to the alarming conclusion that our bodies never fully adjust to DST, and that it’s bad for our health.

Thanks, GOP: More in Washington are Without Health Insurance

Statewide, Medicaid enrollment continued to fall in 2019, and coverage via individual plans also fell, OFM says, which signals that the uninsured rate probably continued to rise last year.

Crisis of Confidence on the Center-Left?

In Political Centrism: Smug, weak, and misguided, Dick Lilly does a fine job of exposing Howard Schultz-style centrism for the tepid, unsatisfying brew...

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Awash in Disinformation, and a Rising Tide

If the digital political landscape in this disorienting, dispiriting year gives you the creeps, imagine where we’re headed if hackable digital tech, unmanaged media, and microtargeted marketing rampage on without brakes or scruples.

Republicans Smell Blood in Oregon’s Fractured 4th Congressional District

Put at its most basic, the university communities of Eugene (Oregon Ducks) and Corvallis (Oregon State Beavers) keep Democrats in power. The rest of the district votes Republican, even in areas where blue-collar workers voted Democrat at mid-century.

Apres les Protests: Portland Incumbents Facing Voters With Brooms

In Portland, at least, there are early warnings to incumbents. Embattled, "embaffled" Mayor Ted Wheeler had seemed a shoo-in, but months of nightly demonstrations and violence that he seems powerless to end have now put Wheeler in a tie with his challenger,

From Dan Evans to Loren Culp: How the GOP got Shut Out in Washington State

Why can’t the Republican Party do better than Loren Culp?. The Mainstream Republicans put on a wonderful shindig for Dan Evans. But the party’s base is, in an Inslee-coined word, “Trumpian.”

Experts: Why “Defunding the Police” Misses the Mark

Nationally, there's reason to believe that, historically, Black and Brown communities have been over-policed when it comes to minor offenses and under policed when it comes to serious offenses.