Dear Elon: What Twitter Could Be

Elon Musk is right about Twitter: there’s a lot of value that could be “unlocked.” He’s just wrong (or at least vague in public)...

All A-Twitter: What’s Musk’s Move?

Elon Musk is nothing if not bold. He has risked substantial sums and bet boldly on multiple ventures in the past.

2022: Four Technologies to Give You Hope for the World

Optimism is the fuel that powers our vision and aspirations.

Done: Why I’m Leaving Facebook

One of my personal goals has been to write more. But more than once, my wife gently asked me “Um, why are you down in your office, replying to yourself on Facebook?”

A Culture of Innovation: That Line Between “Fake it Till You Make It” and...

Setting ambitious goals is not only legal, they’re essential for visionary leadership.

Twitter Leadership Change Signals Fierce Debate Over the Future of Free Speech

Jack Dorsey's abrupt departure suggests a new chapter in the debate about social media platforms, regulation, the future of the internet, and ultimately how we define and allow free speech.

Make Google Pay for the News? Surely Not This Way

Newspapers have seen their traditional ad-supported business models fray and fall apart, while Google, Insta, Facebook et al have grown fat and sassy. And news publishers look at Google & Co.’s pots of money and cry “foul – you’ve stolen our ad dollars.” Surely reparations are in order.

Siriusly, I’m Trying to Break Up with My Radio!

I call. And get a recorded message that the “call center” is currently closed. Would I like to complete my request by text? No, but okay. The bot comes on and asks for my first name. I comply. Now it needs my last name so it can verify my account. Grrr. Okay.

Lessons for Today’s Tech Titans: The Big Breakup that made Seattle a Telecom Giant

Similarly, breaking the tech giants into pieces, particularly Google and Facebook, would allow innovators to emerge from among the pieces to create new products and new technologies -- precisely what followed AT&T’s breakup.

How Facebook is helping fill in a Hidden Yakima Valley History

The Facebook group’s small clan of idealistic detectives, amateur oral historians, and thrilled descendants of farmworkers offers quite a contrast to the usual news coming out of Facebook’s much-criticized “groups” feature in recent years.

Is Social Media a Threat to the First Amendment?

“Trump has provoked a debate among legal scholars over whether the once-sacrosanct constitutional protection of free speech has itself become a threat to democracy by enabling the widespread and instantaneous transmission of lies in the service of political gain.”

How Game Theory Explains QAnon’s Mass Conspiracy Delusions

The puzzles are often just a way of getting together. If Q drops some clues, then you have something to do and you have people to do it with. It’s bonding. The same reason puzzles are used in corporate team building exercises and party games.

Now Our Machine Overlords Can Dance!

Robots are used everywhere now in industrial manufacturing, but as artificial intelligence begins to be integrated into the machines and they start to infiltrate our daily life, robot companies have a big conceptual challenge in shaping public perception.

The Virus Inside the COVID Relief Bill: A Copyright Bomb

Given the stakes, one would like to think that initiatives for reform for an industry that has invented itself and changed the world over the past 25 years would be thoughtful, targeted, and smart. Instead, we're now caught in a high stakes battle between Big T and Big E in which whoever has the ear of Congress will have the upper hand.