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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Anthony B. Robinson

Tony is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ. He is the author of thirteen books, including the best-selling Transforming Congregational Culture and the award-winning What’s Theology Got To Do With It: Convictions, Vitality and the Church. He is a frequent contributor to The Christian Century as well as other publications. He writes for the “The Daily Devotional” of the United Church of Christ. He has served four congregations, most recently Seattle’s Plymouth Congregational Church, UCC.

Democrats’ Debate: Let a Little Sunshine In

The best thing you can say about Julian Castro’s taunting of Joe Biden about “forgetting what he had just said” (which he...

Exploring the Guns-Race Connection

It’s no wonder that gun rights, racism, white nationalism and issues of masculinity continue to swirl together in a toxic brew.

Why the saga of Chief Joseph still haunts our region

I recently finished Daniel Sharfstein’s magisterial 2017 work, Thunder in the Mountains: Chief Joseph, Oliver Otis Howard and the Nez Perce War. Sharfstein, a professor of history and law...

Trump’s Evil Genius

Trump’s evil genius has been on full display of late. Image: Flickr On one level his attacks on...

How to make political change digestible

Several anti-Trump moderate-to-conservatives followed up on the Democratic Party Debates last month by worrying that the Democrats had let themselves be pushed...

The Work Of Aging: Managing Decline

I was hiking recently with a friend who had turned eighty this spring. I asked how that felt. “I...

Round Two: Who Won? Who’s Done?

“This is more difficult than last night.” That was a shared sentiment among my viewing foursome for Round Two of the Democratic “Debates.” Why?

Round 1: Who Won? Who’s Done?

An unscientific poll of the foursome that watched the first round of the Democrat’s “Debates” where I was revealed substantial agreement.The winner? Cory Booker. Focused, impassioned and...

No Debate Allowed!

I had a note from a reader last week about an event that had been scheduled for Ballard’s Peddler Brew Pub but which was cancelled under pressure.

Family Values: To Impeach Or Not?

In 1932 a famous argument took place between the brothers Niebuhr, Reinhold and H. Richard, in the pages of The Christian Century. 

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Books: A New Classic of Northwest Logging and Radicalism

If Norwegians and Swedes laid down the legends of the Puget Sound country, Finns were their counterparts in southwest Washington and northwest Oregon in lands drained by the mighty Columbia.

Seattle Elections: Has the “Movement Left” Reached Its Half-Life?

Interest groups have a half-life of about 30 years in the fluid, non-partisan world of Seattle politics.

Democrats’ Debate: Let a Little Sunshine In

The best thing you can say about Julian Castro’s taunting of Joe Biden about “forgetting what he...

The Great Realignment: Are You Ready For America’s Seventh Version Of Political Parties?

We live in historic times. Our system is being realigned as a seventh party system firms up. Republicans have chosen long term political suicide by alienating everyone other than their increasingly narrow base. The door is open for the Democrats.

Dem Debate: A House Divided?

With so many threats to American security and democracy that every one of the 10 candidates was able to plant his or her flag on a vital issue.