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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Anthony B. Robinson

Tony is a writer, teacher, speaker and ordained minister (United Church of Christ). He served as Senior Minister of Seattle’s Plymouth Congregational Church for fourteen years. His newest book is Useful Wisdom: Letters to Young (and not so young) Ministers. He divides his time between Seattle and a cabin in Wallowa County of northeastern Oregon. If you’d like to know more or receive his regular blogs in your email, go to his site listed above to sign-up.

There was no “Both Sides” in this Debate

Biden was mostly playing defense. When he said to the President, “Will you shut up!” it was, sadly, the best line of the night.

This Year’s Election: Not Just a Political Argument

The starting point in dealing with such an adversary is to admit our own powerlessness. The powerlessness of our usual methods and mindset. It’s a starting point, not an end point.

Winners, Losers and Suckers: A World Shorn of Grace

Taken to an extreme, the meritocratic ethic is a moral framework that is harsh, self-serving, and self-deceiving. Rather than binding people together, it separates people from one another.

Out-of-Doors In The High Country Of Eastern Oregon (and Contemplation of the Indoors)

There are more cars parked at area trailheads than at any time in my memory. So lots of folks hiking and backpacking to what we call “the high lakes.”

A Progressive Church Tries to Deal with Its Whiteness

A mentor's advice: “In predominately white congregations people believe God needs them. In predominately black churches, people understand they need God.”

Worried: Are Protests Driving Voters toTrump?

In recent months many have quoted Martin Luther King Jr. to the effect that, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” Yes, there’s truth in that. But the language of the unheard, if that’s what this is, is being heard loud and clear by many Americans and applauded by Donald Trump as their best hope.

The Case for a Humble ‘Custodian’ as President

Time and trial have given us not just a seasoned politician, but a seasoned human being. I don’t pick up much ego from either Joe or Jill. There’s a job to be done and Joe hopes, with a lot of help, to do it. His age and experience — potential lemons — have been turned into lemonade.

The Chief Best Lesson: What Happens When You Don’t Stand By Leaders

The Council’s job was to back up the leader they had hired. Instead, they undermined Chief Best. Jim Pugel had it right. Good leaders don’t grow on trees.

Has ‘The Great Awokening’ Gone Too Far?

There’s a way in which Critical Theory and the Movement it has spawned have become so rigid, in the name of Social Justice, that it is itself oppressive.

Trump Country: Eastern Oregon’s Open Congressional Seat

Congressman Greg Walden, a Republican who has held the sprawling seat since 1998, suddenly retired. Walden may have been feeling the pressures of a district that is leaning — at least in places like Bend, Hood River, the Dalles, and Ashland — more to the left.

Latest Post Alley Posts

A Train Wreck of a Debate

It's certain he lost support with women, especially in the suburbs. One of the follow-up commentaries was that it was like driving down the freeway with an 8-year-old having a tantrum in the backseat.

One More Blow to the Traditions of Democracy

This debate will be remembered as Trump v. Wallace. That takes the focus away from Biden's message and (as usual) makes the evening All About Trump. That's a mistake, since Trump is trying to make it a choice election (Trump or Biden) not about Trump's performance and personality.

A Spectacle

I imagine Trump's hard-core base enjoyed seeing Trump do his thing, which in this case was to display dominance behavior as best he could over Biden and Wallace. He was in his game, but he didn't knock Biden off his game.

A Presidential “Debate” like No Other

How a decent man like Joe Biden weathered the 90 minutes deserves a medal. I felt for Chris Wallace, knowing that I would not have been able to take control of Donald Trump, either.

Biden Didn’t Win, But Trump Lost

Before the debate started, I posted in a Facebook group I participate in, “I would give close to even odds that a fistfight will break out between Trump and Biden. (I hope so!) And better than even odds that the debate will devolve into a race to incoherence.” That is more or less what happened. Disappointing, but not a surprise.