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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Anthony B. Robinson

Tony is a writer, teacher, speaker and ordained minister (United Church of Christ). He served as Senior Minister of Seattle’s Plymouth Congregational Church for fourteen years. His newest book is Useful Wisdom: Letters to Young (and not so young) Ministers. He divides his time between Seattle and a cabin in Wallowa County of northeastern Oregon. If you’d like to know more or receive his regular blogs in your email, go to his site listed above to sign-up.

A “Christian Insurrection” at the Capitol?

Trump’s playbook bears remarkable similarity to Hitler’s in Germany. Hitler wasn’t really a Christian, nor is Trump. But both saw the church as either a potential ally or enemy and tried to enlist it, or neutralize it.

Trump’s “At Long Last” Moment

Protestors, egged on and incited by Trump, morphed into rioters as they launched their assault on the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday afternoon. I imagine some thought themselves heroes in one or another action movie as they scaled the west wall of the Capitol, flags flying.

What they achieved was a rare unification of Congress in condemnation of “thugs,” a word used by both Democrat, Chuck Schumer and Republican, Mitch McConnell. “Violence” was universally condemned. “Desecration,” was the other most common term. The temple of democracy had been desecrated. Note the religious language.

A Year-End Message from an Owl that Calls Your Name

The native belief is that when a person hears an owl call their name, which the young vicar in the novel does in due course, it means you do not have long to live.

Lost Pleasures: The Art of Letter-writing

Reading a letter is more like savoring a fine wine, if your letter writer is at all good at the task, as is my letter-writing bro. Email is more like drinking your third cup of coffee. You’re already jittery and it doesn’t taste that good.

Seattle Nice, R.I.P.: Why are we so Awful to our Leaders?

Mayor Jenny Durkan deserves a thank-you note, at the very least, maybe even a purple heart.

Trump and the Wrong Side of Evil

One might call efforts to reduce immigration wrong or not, but the separation of parents from their children was different. It was evil.

It Takes Self-Confidence to be a Moderate

Moderation should never be confused with indecisiveness. On the contrary, a lack of self-confidence in one’s most basic commitments is often expressed in extremism.

Inclusion? Or Intolerance?

For all the claims of inclusion and tolerance, today’s left, a.k.a. “progressives” can be pretty smug, pretty intolerant and superior.

Joe Biden and the Art of the “New Humility”

Joe ran what the NYT columnist Frank Bruni describes as perhaps the “most self-effacing” Presidential campaign in history. In doing so, Uncle Joe has changed his own garrulous, “talk-’em-to-death” style of the past.

Demons and Devils: Halloween and its Growing Popularity

There’s something bigger, more malevolent, going on here. Something demonic.

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