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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Jean Godden

Jean Godden wrote columns first for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and later for the Seattle Times. In 2003, she quit to run for Seattle City Council where she served 12 years. She now writes for Westside Seattle and has been a co-host on The Bridge, aired on community radio station KMGP. You can email tips and comments to Jean at jgodden@blarg.net.

Seattle Faces A Budget Reckoning. Here’s What We Learned Last Time.

We bargained with the unions, getting concessions like unpaid furloughs so that we could reduce the number of layoffs. We closed libraries for a week in August. We cut community center hours and reduced park maintenance.

Godden: Remembering A City Hall Watchdog, Fauci Bobbleheads, and AWOL Pirates

At Seattle City Hall, you could see Mr. Locke seated in a favored seat, usually in the front row of the council chamber, 10 seats from the right side. He habitually signed up to speak at committee meetings. In time, councilmembers could have written his speeches. He would tell us to "stop wasting so dang much money."

An Open Letter to Mayor Durkan: Feeling for You in a Whirlwind

Few could blame you, Mayor Durkan, if you took Sawant up on calls to resign. But somehow one expects that you have shown resilience through tough times and will not back away.

Battles of Seattle, WTO 1999 and Today

The WTO riots suffered from Seattle's failure during months of lead time to prepare adequately, to involve city council and others in planning, and to foresee signs of a disaster. By contrast, the 2020 unrest came swiftly, stemming from the killing of an African-American, a final straw in a litany of injustices.

Godden on West Seattle: Bring Back the Mosquito Fleet? (and other news)

A new way to get off West Seattle, and a local city's leg-pulling twitter site.

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If God Has Anointed Trump, Is It Time To Dump God?

“The Christian God seems to be losing it,” an unhappy Southern Baptist says. “He anointed Trump. Whom will He anoint next? Nicolás Maduro? Kim Jung-Un? Betsy DeVos?”

COVID Casualties: Another Northwest Institution Says Goodbye

Experienced woodworkers might put it all together in a couple of weeks, but amateurs spend months, working weekends and calling Pygmy now and then for advice. And no doubt many of those kits remain boxed or partially constructed, stowed in the garage rafters.

The Great Realignment: A Protestant Revolution Brewing?

"My guess right now is that post-Protestantism will burn brighter than the religious right as a moralistic flame within the liberal order, but then pretty rapidly burn out."

Durkan Approval Slips: Does She Still Have A Base?

Durkan has governed as if there really is a Center in Seattle politics. Certainly there used to be: a progressive business/legal community; pragmatic organizations such as the Municipal League; and good negotiating partners in minority communities and labor. Now--not so much.

Warning For Downtown: Tom Douglas Quits Two High-Rent Restaurants

Douglas and many others bet heavily on tourism, Amazon, and our high-rent downtown. All are now in serious hot water.