Jean Godden

Jean Godden wrote columns first for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and late for the Seattle Times. In 2002, she quit to run for City Council where she served for 12 years. Since then she published a book of city stories titled “Citizen Jean.” She is now co-host of The Bridge aired on community station KMGP at 101.1 FM. You can email tips and comments to Jean at

A ‘Spare’ Harry: Whinges of a Second Son

If Harry suffered these indignities, he is profiting now, telling his side of the story in media-pushed accounts. He received a $20-million advance for his book which is the fastest selling nonfiction book ever.

Why Seattle is on the Comeback

Seattle is used to rebounds, and there are leading indicators of a coming boom.

After-Action Report: Abortion was No. 1 Issue in November Midterms

The many pollsters and consultants who insisted inflation was the number one  issue and that crime in the streets was a close second deserve to be fired.

Bye Bye Harvey Weinstein: Hopefully for the Last Time!

That the jury voted to connect with only one accuser shows how difficult it is to hold sexual abusers accountable -- and how much bravery it takes for victims to go public.

The World’s Greatest Invention

Even a casual reader will come away from The Greatest Invention with a whole new appreciation for the miracle of written language.

Seattle? Fashion Capital?

Because Seattle is steeped in anti-fashion, the city’s contrarian attitude has become trendy.

Weeping Willows: Lummi Island’s Famous Restaurant Closes

Smothered in superlatives, the restaurant drew gastro-tourists from all over.

Women Lawyers Defying Trump

Dahlia Lithwick's new book, "Lady Justice," should be on the bookshelf of any aspiring attorney, female or male.

Crows Commuting: Graphic Art @Seattle Center

Artist Megan Kelso says installation at Seattle Center is special to her because the Center has always been “my muse, magic around the edges.”

A “Feel-Bad” Budget for Seattle?

The November revenue forecast showed that councilmembers must contend with a giant shortfall – some $145 million -- between estimated income and urgent city needs.