Jean Godden

Jean Godden wrote columns first for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and later for the Seattle Times. In 2003, she quit to run for Seattle City Council where she served 12 years. She now writes for Westside Seattle and has been a co-host on The Bridge, aired on community radio station KMGP. You can email tips and comments to Jean at

Inside City Hall’s Serious Budget Shortfall

The multimillion-dollar gap -- viewed in the perspective of an annual budget in the $7 billion range -- is perhaps not horrific. But it still is bound to impact what the city can achieve towards meeting its on-going needs and ambitious social goals.

For Your Approval: Does Seattle Need a New Way of Electing Its Leaders?

Seattle City Councilmembers now have to enact Approval Voting outright or place the issue on the ballot with or without an alternative measure.

Left Coast Tsunami: A Swing to the Moderate?

Election results along the so-called Left Coast have pundits predicting that a tsunami, a giant backlash against progressive excesses, is heading our way.

Kellyanne Conway’s Self-Serving Versions of TrumpLand

"Democracy will survive; America will survive; George and I may not." 

How Washington State Has Done on Gun Control

This state does have some of the stricter gun laws in the country. Advocates rank Washington as 10th toughest in the nation.

Why Would Anybody Want to Run for Public Office?

The state's 147 legislators shoulder a heavy responsibility. The rewards are meager.

Washington’s Disappearing Lawmakers

Losses include a number of veterans whose experience and expertise will be much missed. Equally confounding is the exodus of newer lawmakers of color.

The Last Days of Reproductive Freedom

"I fear that these weeks while we await the issuing of the final Supreme Court decision are the last days of reproductive freedom in America."

All the Difference: How the World’s Fair Changed Seattle 60 Years Ago

Eddie Carlson's idea for a Space Needle wasn't instantly popular. Some scoffed at the notion, likening it to a phone pole in a sombrero or a pylon wearing a top hat.

The Case Against Banning Cars in Pike Place Market

Circulation and access are life blood to the Market's 500 small businesses and to ancillary services like the Health Clinic, Day Care, and Foodbank.

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