Jean Godden

Jean Godden wrote columns first for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and later for the Seattle Times. In 2003, she quit to run for Seattle City Council where she served 12 years. She now writes for Westside Seattle and has been a co-host on The Bridge, aired on community radio station KMGP. You can email tips and comments to Jean at

When Journalists Run…

From one who has been there -- I can report that, if Kristof does choose to run for Oregon's governor, the journalist will face multiple hurdles.

Game Changer: Aid to Families

In Washington alone, it's estimated tax credits could provide help for 60,000 children, with checks averaging $423 per family each month.

Does Ranked-Choice Voting Boost Women and Minority Candidates?

The preferential-voting method has long been used in Australia, Ireland and parts of the United Kingdom. Nationally, two states -- Maine and soon Alaska -- and numbers of cities and counties employ the method.

Eulogy: Rev. Jean Kim, “Mother of Seattle’s Homeless”

It's easy to make light of the Church of the Good Bra, but it is simply impossible not to stand in awe of the incredible work that Rev. Kim did to nurture the homeless and unsheltered, especially over the years of her several unsuccessful attempts at "retirement."

Goodbye to the Germy Handshake

Folklore has it that extending an empty hand was a sign of trust, showing that one's hand was free of weapons. The gesture of "shaking" hands did double duty, serving to dislodge knives or other objects concealed in a sleeve.

Weather Wimps get the Collywobbles over a Heat Wave

There are reasons that the weather wimps have collywobbles. We can't drive in snow (or plow it), and Seattle is the least air-conditioned big city in the nation.

Wealthy Women Giving Generously: MacKenzie Scott

Women are more visible in philanthropy today because they've been fighting for a seat at every table for decades. Gender matters in philanthropy. Men and women engage in giving differently; not necessarily better, but differently.

Lights Out: To All the Restaurants We’ve Lost during COVID

The average life of a new restaurant is a single year. I repeat: One year. Running a restaurant is not just about creative cooking; it requires real talent and hard work. We have a duty to support these brave souls.

Happy Pig War Day! (my favorite war)

The Pig War took an admirable place in world history. It signaled that there are ways nations can peacefully resolve competing claims. Bloodshed can be averted by compromise and arbitration. And so it is that the Pig War remains an altercation where the one and only casualty was a pig. It is my favorite war, the war that ended before it started.

Amy Klobuchar: Why we need new Anti-Monopoly Laws (and to enforce them)

She describes how she happened to write the book, beginning with a phone call that arrived shortly after she was sworn in as a new U.S. senator in 2008. A pharmacist at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis called asking for help: the price of a life-saving drug used to treat premature babies had suddenly increased astronomically in price.

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