Paul Queary

Paul Queary, a veteran AP reporter and editor, is founder of The Washington Observer, an independent newsletter on politics, government and the influence thereof in Washington State.

State Politics: Aluminum Companies Invest, Lands Commissioner Revelations

A new poll suggests the race for Public Lands Commissioner is about to see a major plot twist as Big Timber takes stock of its friends.

Tracking Campaign Contributions as Primaries Loom

Some of the contributions reflect an artful shuffle of funds.

Politics Report: Crunch Time for Signatures on Key State Initiatives

There’s a new wrinkle in ballot initiative politics this year.

State Campaigns Rev Up: Money, Debates, and Endorsements

The 6th is traditionally a safe Democratic Congressional district, so the victor of Franz vs. Randall in the August primary will likely cruise past Republican state Sen. Drew MacEwen in November. Labor votes and labor money could be the deciding factor.

Political Report: Testing Mark Mullet; Smiley Taking on Newhouse?

The timing of the poll allows for some last-minute decision-making, and one of the later questions tests a possible off-ramp for Mullet (running for Insurance Commissioner) should the results turn out bleakly. 

Olympia Report: Down-Ballot Challengers and Early Expenditures

The 10th district, which for years was represented by thoughtful, moderate Republicans very much like Muzzall, has been trending D in recent years.

Big Carbon Emitters Put Big Money Behind Keeping State’s Cap-and-Trade Law

The campaign against repealing the state’s cap-and-trade system for major emitters of carbon pollution rolled out a splashy new slate of donors, including two of the larger sources of said emissions. 

Money, Money, Money: Candidates for Governor, Congress

The campaign money almost certainly won’t be there for Semi Bird. Major Republican donors are thus far conspicuously absent from the party’s balance sheet this year. In fact, things are looking a bit threadbare over there.

Olympia Report: Strippers, Guns and Protection

Repealing the current laws on nudity theoretically opens the door for anyone with an existing liquor license to feature some hot naked people.

Last-Minute Legislature: PGE Bill, Retirements, Density

With key Democratic leaders retiring, the race is on for a new state Senate majority leader. Meanwhile, at least five new members means a brand-new dynamic in the State Senate.