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Friday, February 26, 2021

Paul Queary

Paul Queary, a veteran AP reporter and editor, is founder of The Washington Observer, an independent newsletter on politics, government and the influence thereof in Washington State.

How Ranked-Choice Voting Would Change How We Elect Seattle Mayors

Proponents of ranked-choice voting argue that it drives greater voter turnout and better enfranchises traditionally marginalized groups. It also theoretically encourages a more congenial style of campaigning, because candidates would want their opponents’ supporters to like them well enough to rank them next.

Sen. Joe Nguyen to Challenge Dow Constantine for County Exec?

A tech-savvy progressive firebrand, Nguyen, 37, came from basically nowhere to beat Constantine’s chosen candidate in the 2018 race for Constantine's old seat in the state Senate.

Inslee’s Bold Carbon Legislation Draws Opposition from Industry and Greens

Cracks have started appearing in Inslee's ambitious proposals. To bond or not to bond? Fuels tax or cap-and-trade? Old bargains or the new imperative of environmental justice?

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