Paul Queary

Paul Queary, a veteran AP reporter and editor, is founder of The Washington Observer, an independent newsletter on politics, government and the influence thereof in Washington State.

In Olympia: Awaiting a Momentous Ruling on Taxes

The capital gains tax was the most consequential piece of tax policy passed in Washington in decades, and the Supremes’ ruling could drastically reshape politics by putting other progressive taxes that have long been illegal here back on the table.

Olympia Report: Inslee Tips His Hand; HOAs; Newspaper Relief

Balked at in Congress, newspapers take their case to Olympia, where AG Ferguson is happy to help.

Seeking a Better Way to Recycle Plastic Garbage; Split Districts

Look for Big Garbage, Big Groceries, and Big Soda to play aggressively here, opposing an onerous solution.

Ferguson’s $4 Million Campaign Stockpile; New Moderate PAC

Gov. Inslee is raising some money, but probably not for another gubernatorial run, while Bob Ferguson has millions left over from early easy races.

Revolving Chairs in the New State Legislature

The Democratic majorities in the Legislature have been pretty green in recent years.

Building on Blue: Washington State Rejects ReTrumplicans

It’s looking like a bad year for Trump-loving election deniers in Washington state.

Gusher of PAC Money Flows into the 8th Congressional Race

The PAC, which is closely tied to the House GOP leadership, is running ads like one tying Schrier to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and higher taxes. The money comes from absolutely massive donations from some of the fattest cats in Republican politics.

Now We Know Who Spent Big to Try to Save Herrera Beutler

These are professional Republican operatives looking to take the House for the GOP.

Department of Truck-Size Loopholes: Campaign Cash is Gushing in the Legislature

This is basically pure special-interest money, raised $1,000 at a time from willing donors eager to court influence with powerful committee chairs and leaders in the Legislature.

Where the Money is Flowing to Local Campaigns

It's not easy to follow this last-minute money. The money behind Conservatives for a Stronger America is still anonymous, hidden behind the same Massachusetts-based consultant, Charles Gantt.