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Paul Queary, a veteran AP reporter and editor, is founder of The Washington Observer, an independent newsletter on politics, government and the influence thereof in Washington State.

Limited Liability, Maximal Cash: The LLC’s (and Others) Giving to Local Campaigns

Real estate developers frequently create a new LLC for each project for entirely solid business reasons. But in a political context, the practice has the effect of allowing them to become super-donors.

How the GOP Hopes to Retake the State House

Note that the pollsters include the incumbents’ race in the description. The district is nearly 65 percent white and less than 3 percent black. They also included voting-record messaging designed to fire up tax-averse voters and folks on the rightward half of the broad argument over law enforcement policy. 

Winners and Winners in the Short Session of the State Legislature

The teachers' union and its PAC spent $3.75 million on campaigns in the 2020 cycle. With a haul of more than half a billion dollars from the Legislature this year alone, that looks like money well spent.

Democrats Dream Big for State Transportation

With no need to court Republican votes, Democratic transportation leaders wrote a spending plan much more focused on transit and non-driving forms of transportation than previous plans.

Political Quake: What Seattle Sen. Reuven Carlyle’s Decision not to Seek Reelection in 2022 Means

There was some talk that Carlyle might face a challenge from the Left in 2022, but given the progressive victories in the Legislature, which Carlyle voted for, it's not clear a challenger would have much to run on.

Jay Inslee’s Intriguing Side Trip to Chicago: Still a Presidential Itch?

Is Inslee thinking about his next act, and do those thoughts extend to a possible bid for president in 2024?

Julie Anderson Jumps Early in The Suddenly Important Race for Secretary of State

The incumbent, Steve Hobbs, is not beloved by the progressive wing of the Democratic party and hasn’t shown much firepower as a statewide candidate, finishing fourth in the 2016 primary for lieutenant governor.

Early Holiday Gift for the Cannabis Industry

The departing Russ Hauge, who spent 20 years as Kitsap County Prosecutor, was a chief gripe for the association and its allies in Olympia for an approach they found, well, too prosecutorial toward the now-legal weed business.

Jane the Tax Planner: Sell Satya, Sell!

While a handful of progressive rich folks will embrace paying the new state capital-gains tax as a civic duty, or even as atonement for many years of benefit under a tax system that falls lightly on them and heavily on the poor, most will make a clear-eyed decision with an eye on the bottom line.

State Democrats Gamble and Kick Redistricting to the Supremes

So what will the Supremes do with this task, which they never asked for and likely don’t really want? Well, they might go looking for a map that checks the boxes in the law.

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