Peter Miller

Peter Miller runs the Peter Miller Design Bookshop, in Pioneer Square, in the alley between First Avenue and Alaska Way. He is there, every day. He has written three books, Lunch at the Shop, Five Ways to Cook, and How to Wash the Dishes. A fourth book, Shopkeeping, A Manual, will be published in Spring 2024, by Princeton Architectural Press.

Impromptu Dinner: Risotto with the Asparagus of Spring

I would not have made the asparagus recipe without the advantage of extra time. And I would not have thought of the plum sauce without the quiet.

Out for a Stroll: Lovely Lentils and Their Best Friends

Lay them beneath a piece of sautéed fish, or chicken, as a bed. Plate them with a roasted beet, peeled and sliced, some Greek yogurt and some marinated red onions. Or a roasted leek. They love each other's company.

Memo to Joe Biden: You Are Losing Young Voters

The Democratic Party must declare that it is an Anti-War Party. Put some youth into this party, perilous as the days and events may seem. In a way, you have been cornered into a dullness and a reactive shape. Push back!

Lessons from Africa: Stay in the Light

In Africa, it is some relief to realize that your instincts are stunningly narrow, dulled, blunted, out of touch and barely even yours.

Why Mayor Paul Schell Canceled 1999’s New Year’s Eve Space Needle Party

A week before New Year's Eve,  FBI Director Louis Freeh called Mayor Schell, telling him they would have to cancel the Space Needle events for New Year's Eve. Schell could not explain the reason, and so took the fall.

Saturday, Bloody Saturday: A Night in Glasgow, 1964

They were not an unruly lot but so many of them were bleeding afresh from their foreheads, it was not a scene I had ever seen before, it was certainly not Old Saybrook.

Lessons From My Blue Felt Hat

I looked around, then picked the hat up by its brow with two fingers and plopped it on my head. (Only later, after meeting the senior council of hat blockers and makers did I learn you must NEVER pick up a hat in that way.)

Ties That Bind: A Fable About the Little Tie That Could

The young man and the little tie were together for years and eventually, they grew old, a little frayed, as they say, at the edges. But they did take one last walk, just to see.

Fourth of July: JoJo and the Nose Trick

I sat on the stairs with my two sisters. We could see the parade was three blocks away, headed our direction. A big young man, with a colorful loose shirt, came up to us. He had a broad smile, we knew him from our Aunt Gladys, who had said, that's JoJo Sprague, don't worry, he's fine.

Book-Learning: If Bezos, Gates and Jobs Had Finished the Assignment

I have imagined a specific and mythic collision of English professor Charles Samuels and three contemporary business titans -- Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos -- freshmen at Williams, forced to take English 101.