Peter Miller

Peter Miller is an architect and the proprietor of Peter Miller Books in Pioneer Square. His book "How to Wash the Dishes" written with wife Colleen has just been published.

Book-Learning: If Bezos, Gates and Jobs Had Finished the Assignment

I have imagined a specific and mythic collision of English professor Charles Samuels and three contemporary business titans -- Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos -- freshmen at Williams, forced to take English 101.

Better Greens: New Spinach, Spring Ramps

The local spinach has just arrived, and this is the time to find ramps in the spring market.

Serendipity: You Forget all the Books You Know

Some are pals from grade school, some arrived that you greeted but have never sat down with.

Early Days: The Streets are Yet Empty

The waterfront will save Seattle, open it like a shuttered, saddened room, give it air and wind and salt and length and even health.

Springtime: Fresh Local Asparagus Nesting in Spaghetti

This is spaghetti as the soft sweet ground beneath the first of the asparagus, it is their day.

Vignettes: Adding Color to a Midwinter Meal

It is lovely winter colors -- the bright green chives, the white yogurt, cracked pepper and the red/yellow hues from the juice. Vignettes.

Get the Lead Out: The Rise and Fall of Mechanical Pencils

Each jammed mechanical pencil had its own deconstruction. And some are simply more precise than others.

Nothing Lowly about the Lugubrious Lentil

Lentils are incomparably better the next day. But, to keep that secret, they certainly do not look better.

Plunking Mariners’ Batting Stars

It was terrible to see the Toronto pitcher hit Julio on his first two at bats, a 21-year-old kid. Honestly, I would have told my pitcher to throw and try to hit the Toronto manager, in the dugout.

Every October: Frankfurt, where all the Best Books Are

Europe takes its books and publishers with great seriousness -- in those days, the American publishers looked, in multiple ways, sort of silly. Germany alone had many more publishers than all of the USA.