Bruce Ramsey

Bruce Ramsey was a business reporter and columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in the 1980s and 1990s and from 2000 to his retirement in 2013 was an editorial writer and columnist for the Seattle Times. He is the author of The Panic of 1893: The Untold Story of Washington State’s first Depression, and is at work on a history of Seattle in the 1930s. He lives in Seattle with his wife, Anne.

As Banks Fail, Some are Demanding Tighter Regulation. Sure, But…

We’re not going back to the world before deposit insurance, but there needs to be a limit to the government’s liability if banking is to remain a private-sector activity.

Parallels? The Small Oklahoma Bank That Took Down Seafirst

There is one sense in which Silicon Valley Bank is another Penn Square. The failure of the little bank in Oklahoma City 40 years ago was an omen of a nasty recession.

Port of Seattle: The Seas of Social Justice

The more the commissioners have focused on the new things, the less they could focus on the old ones.

Cashing in CHIPS: A Skeptic Casts a Wary Eye

The rush to save the world’s most advanced semiconductors recalls the fight in the late 1960s and early 1970s over the Supersonic Transport. That didn't work out well.

Initiative 135 for Social Housing: Voters Beware

The social-housing initiative is like the monorail proposal. It expresses the wants of a segment of the people, but has not come through normal channels and is not well thought out. 

How Kshama Sawant Changed Seattle Politics

Kshama Sawant makes noise. Always. To opponents, the sound is irritating and the tactics worse. She breaks the unwritten rules, and sometimes the written ones. She asks for the whole loaf.

Understanding the Times: How the Japanese Internment was Reported

Yes, the Seattle Times could have done better. But to hold up as an ideal the Bainbridge Island Review, the small weekly that famously defended the Japanese Americans, is to imagine the impossible.

Pushback: Tribes and Companies Defend Fish Farming in Northwest Waters

Federal fish biologists concluded: “The isolated effects of Puget Sound commercial net pens on habitat conditions (i.e., water quality, forage, and cover) are likely to be minor and intermittent.”

Crypto Ice Age? An Explainer

Crypto, Bill Gates said, seemed to be “100 percent based on the greater fool theory.”

Washington on Top: My But We’re Productive!

The state of Washington has been remarkably good at improving productivity — better, in fact, than any other state in the union.