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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

When The UW Returns: Best To Bet Online

The science of learning, and how it can be applied in a digital-intensive environment, should become the central focus of the academic enterprise. But few institutions have given these efforts the resources and sustained emphasis that they will need moving forward.

Conventional Wisdom Says College Promotes Diversity of Thinking. New Studies Suggest It Doesn’t

A study published in the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education investigated how recent graduates’ experiences in what the authors called “ideological bubbles” consisted of few meaningful, effective efforts that prepared them for the ideological divides they faced after graduation.

The Glaring Gap In Reading Skills In Seattle Schools: Systemic Racism Writ Large

Basically, in 50 years, we’ve gotten nowhere. Here’s the 2017-18 data for Seattle: students proficient in reading at grade level, 3rd grade, whites 80 percent; blacks 35.5 percent. That’s what systemic racism looks like.