David Brewster

David Brewster, a founding member of Post Alley, has a long career in publishing, having founded Seattle Weekly, Sasquatch Books, and Crosscut.com. His civic ventures have been Town Hall Seattle and FolioSeattle.

Media Merger Success Story (And some News): Crosscut and KCTS-9

Crosscut/KCTS must move from its Seattle Center building by the end of 2024. An unexercised purchase agreement would move the media company to First Hill.

A Month to Go: The State of Seattle Election Races

Lorena Gonzalez is not broadening her appeal or moving to the center for the general election, but sticking with a mobilize-the-base approach. Bruce Harrell is a unity candidate, with softer positions.

A Fortunate Setback for Compassion Seattle?

Compassion Seattle had a difficult birth, steering a course among the business community, the service providers, and the good-government types who opposed the charter-amendment route. Even with the court setback, the group may have political legs.

Lessons From Kabul: Learning from Political Retreats

Biden could pull back from his Everythingness to focus on one big goal, such as climate change. In Seattle, that big single goal could be housing.

The Afghanistan Options

Afghanistan will be a chaotic mess for years to come, much like France after the Revolution, so patience, partners, and focus will be key.

Six To-Do’s for November’s Election

What is a concerned civic voter to do to overcome unwanted cards being dealt? Here are some suggestions for a three-month political party.

Ho-Hum: Undercounting the ‘Insurgent Status Quo’

Those who challenge the entrenched power of this "insurgent status quo" badly lack exciting issues, other than nostalgic evocations of Sepia Seattle. In short, the primary is far from predictive of the November battles.

State of the Race: Final Pre-Primary Handicapping — Mayor, Council

Lorena Gonzalez, the current city council president, has passed her first two key political tests -- keeping labor united behind her so that Jessyn Farrell has not been able to peel off that support; and holding the ethnic coalition on her side, lest Colleen Echohawk carve it away.

Stranger and Stranger: Behind Seattle’s Only Newspaper’s Endorsements

The Stranger, like most newspapers, has endured wrenching changes in recent years. It survived all the cuts, particularly in its mainstay entertainment advertising, thanks to a generous amount of federal PPP money and its new pitch for one-time and monthly contributions, now amounting to 35 percent of revenue.

A Referendum on Seattle: Ten Issues Mayoral Candidates Could Run On

A basic rule in politics is to frame the main issue (or villain) to be addressed in such a way as to position yourself as the best person to fix it. The framing is key. So what are the possible framing referenda, locally?

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