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Monday, January 18, 2021

David Brewster

David Brewster, a founding member of Post Alley, has a long career in publishing, having founded Seattle Weekly, Sasquatch Books, and Crosscut.com. His civic ventures have been Town Hall Seattle and FolioSeattle.

A Simpler Way to Ban Trump from Holding Office Again?

It will be interesting, if Artlcles 3 and 5 come into play, how the literalist court and originalist Republicans will explain away the clear language. It might be an effective fall-back position for the Democrats, in case the impeachment trial falters in the Senate.

Some Hard Lessons from History

Another possible casualty could be the dangerous time after a president has lost in the November election and the time of inauguration.

Brad Raffensperger for President? Bill Ruckelshaus’ Cautionary Tale

Ruckelshaus, after his Watergate and Environmental Protection Agency heroics, figured he could return to Indiana, where he had a stellar reputation, and run for the Senate or other high office. He learned he was a party pariah.

Seattle’s 2020 Pause: U-Turns and Your-Turns

As it turned out, the arrival of solutions, maps, and new leaders will be delayed and contested and far from certain. It will be a slow build, or maybe a slow fade.

First Take: Handicapping Contenders for Seattle’s Next Mayor

Past mayors such as Greg Nickels, Ed Murray, and Jenny Durkan have tended to combine three vote- and donor-rich lanes: labor, urbanist greens and developers, and business. The failure of Mayor Durkan to hold that coalition together indicates the need for a new trifecta this time.

Meanwhile: Ideas for the Spaces between Engagements

Covid has created many empty lots, vacant storefronts (about 20,000 in London by one count), and offices. So why not capitalize on these neglected spaces and spur new enterprises?

Set Up to Fail? How to Help Make Seattle’s Leaders More Successful

There's no Jim Ellis or Warren Magnuson or Establishment to craft big political deals, so some group needs to convene peace talks to see if some win-win proposals can be forged and presented for public debate.

Cyrus Vance Jr.: From Seattle to Trump Legal Tormentor

Vance's office has long investigated Trumps for fraud. But there's a hitch. Vance, 66, is still undecided about running for a new term in 2021, has already drawn some opponents and has raised very little money for a reelection campaign. The betting is he won't seek a new term.

Is a ‘National Vertical’ Such as Chalkbeat.org the Next Media Killer App?

Local dailies have great range in topics but not a lot of national synergy. Chalkbeat, by contrast, has a single topic and is "national." In this sense it is much more attuned to thy way people consume news these days -- national standards, single topic.

The Grinches Who Stole Seattle’s Civic Mojo

Banks, Baby Bells, law firms, architects, Boeing, downtown property developers, media, financial firms, Safeco -- all now controlled by national owners, who apply standard formulas and bottom-line thinking. Seattle is a "province" again.

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