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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

David Brewster

David Brewster, a founding member of Post Alley, has a long career in publishing, having founded Seattle Weekly, Sasquatch Books, and Crosscut.com. His civic ventures have been Town Hall Seattle and FolioSeattle.

Advice to Democrats: Vive Les Cafes!

France is working on a rural agenda, and Democrats in America could borrow some of the ideas for reviving cafes and hang-out places.

Shark Tank: Does Seattle Really Need One?

What do sharks have to do with Puget Sound? They draw crowds. One way out of this problem could be virtual reality. That's what is proposed in Sarasota, where the sharks and whales will be virtual, not captive.

But I Just Wanna Find A Good Place To Eat!

Over the years, ever since the 1960s Julia Child revolution in food, few things in journalism have stayed more fixed than restaurant reviews. The basic message is a kind of luxury porn. The basic literary formula is to go from appetizer to dessert. But now that's changing. Restaurant reviews are woke.

Bill Gates Advises: Raise My Taxes!

Maybe the Gates Agenda is comprehensive enough, sensible enough, and credible enough (given the admiration of the Gateses) to be a rallying set of ideas.

Architecture and The Unlamented End of ‘Modernism’

"Making Dystopia" makes me wonder if Modernism -- the word itself is a marvel of marketing -- may be about to fade from favor and be "deconstructed" like so many other imposed-from-above cultural values.

Cue the Script for Republicans Acting Badly

So far the Republicans are eagerly playing their assigned bad-guy roles. Pelosi probably knows that McConnell is more than ready to suit up as a villain.

Musical Chairs And A New Mayor?

Imagine this scenario. Trump loses and Mayor Durkan gets a nice federal judicial offer, so she resigns. The new mayor is automatically the council president, pretty much lined up for Lorena Gonzalez.

Who Would Do The Most for Cities? Mayor Pete or Mayor Mike?

There's a lively network of Bloomberg-grateful mayors who swap tips and apply for more grants. Gratitude flows, as you might expect.

Baby Steps Toward a Regional Approach to Homelessness

The Seattle region has long been, as with Los Angeles, virtually immune to regional governance. Accordingly, these baby steps have been fraught.

Seattle Restaurants Closing? What To Do?

Obvious factors: a glut of restaurants, too much easy money, nervous lenders who pull the plug too soon, soaring rental rates, unsafe downtown streets, shortage of quality chefs.

Latest Post Alley Posts

Rules, Rules, Rules: The Senate On Trial (Not Just Trump)

Winning their general elections could be severely jeopardized if the public perceives the trial as phony or not taken seriously by the Republicans.

You’re Served: Standing Up To Sheriff Jimmy Clark In The 1964 Deep South

Dispatched to Selma with a summons and complaint, I was instructed to con my way into Clark’s office and serve him with the papers.

Review: “Evgenyi Onegin” – Pain! Passion! Poetry! (hold the irony . . .)

I suddenly realized how lucky we are to have it at all. If the poet who created the story and the composer who set it to music 40 years later had ever actually met, they would probably have disliked each other enough to make collaboration impossible.

Advice to Democrats: Vive Les Cafes!

France is working on a rural agenda, and Democrats in America could borrow some of the ideas for reviving cafes and hang-out places.

All Jumbled Up: The Shifting Politics Of Trade In The China And NAFTA 2.0 Deals

While both Trump and Democrats have been politicizing the trade issue, the President not bashing China and Democrats voting in favor of his USMCA are encouraging. I sense a growing realization that trade wars are not good for the economy.