David Brewster

David Brewster, a founding member of Post Alley, has a long career in publishing, having founded Seattle Weekly, Sasquatch Books, and Crosscut.com. His civic ventures have been Town Hall Seattle and FolioSeattle.

Acoustic Lessons from the Renovated Town Hall (And a New String Quartet to Show it Off)

The newly renovated Town Hall Seattle revealed excellent acoustics for live performance of music. That means we now have three such venues.

Red Alert: Should Seattle Toss Away 20 of Its Small Elementary Schools?

In Seattle during the Progressive Era, the central institution was a small elementary school, incubators of the city's urban neighborhoods.

Requiem: How the Lazy-B Veered off the Runway

The whole saga of being asleep at the alarm button may be the ultimate lesson of the Boeing nosedive.

Go East: The Future of Regional Arts

The Seattle top-down model of building places for major arts institutions (opera, ballet, symphony, theatre, museum) may be a poor paradigm for an emerging city like Bellevue.

Is Seattle Growing too Fast, and Can We Do Anything About That?

We are on track to a central Puget Sound region that could reach 10 million people in 25 years. That's a boatload of change to our social structure, environment, and congestion.

What’s in a Name? So Long, Crosscut

The meaning behind the name was "against the grain," as well as a Northwest forestry echo.

Molto Largo: When will the Seattle Symphony Name a New Music Director?

Important matters such as recruiting new players, setting a consistent style, ensemble sound, fundraising by the maestro, and staff retention are jeopardized by long leadership vacuums.

Time to Re-Imagine Seattle Center?

These multi-arts cultural centers were mostly created in the 1960s, as was Seattle Center, once home of the Ballet, the Opera, and (before it moved downtown) the Symphony. They are expensive to build and maintain, and hard to manage with so many independent organizations.

A Bad Week for American Journalism

The journalist James Fallows has observed that journalism badly needs a "host body" to flow dollars to the project.

Stuck in Time: America’s Old Foreign Policies are a Trap for Biden

Just as the Vietnam War destroyed the chances for a coalition of New Democrats and Cold War Liberals, so this rupture over foreign policy will weaken Biden's chances and the once-bipartisan consensus over America's international role.