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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A Man of the People, Bill Ruckelshaus has Died

His guiding wisdom was that you need to level with the people, inform the people, and then trust them.

The Sounders Lift Our Spirits. Let Me Count the Ways.

For millions of short or average height—like me—this is such a refreshing change from the super-bulked athletes of professional football or the towering giants of basketball.

When The Berlin Wall Fell: Euphoria As The World Changed. And Yet…

Thirty years ago this week: Over three tumultuous days, 4 million East Germans – a quarter of the population -- flooded into West Berlin to a joyous reception. But expectations of a more peaceful and collaborative world have been dampened by new threats.

Explainer: The Real Challenge of Funding Single-payer Medicine

Each of these revenue sources is embedded in the economy and into the budgets of families, governments and businesses. This discussion should not just be on the narrow question of new revenues...

Remembering Jim Ellis: A Visionary Who Saw A Bold Metropolis

He saved Lake Washington, built a fine bus system, juiced downtown retail with visitors, and traded and cajoled his way to a Mountains-to-Sound Greenway.

‘Unhappy the Land That Needs Heroes’

Leadership expert Ron Heifetz is fond of saying, “Leadership is disappointing people at a rate they can stand.”

Boomer Buzz: The Psycho-naut’s Guide To Aging (Well)

Middle-age adults ages 50 to 64 were the only group with increases in non-daily cannabis use both before and after 2007. If trends continue, estimates suggest that cannabis use among people aged 50 to 64 could surpass those of adults aged 35 to 49.

Frank La Mere And The Fight For Native Americans’ Full Treaty Rights

Seattle’s early white residents prevented the Duwamish people, first signatory of the Point Elliott Treaty, from gaining a reservation in the 1860s because river-valley lands made available by treaty were deemed valuable pathways to coal.

Bernie Sanders and the Realities of Aging

Age discrimination is the least-obvious and the trickiest in our society. But anyone past age 55 can tell you it exists. Presidential candidates can hardly file for legal redress, but we all must look at the realities of aging.

Impeachment Memories of Bill Ruckelshaus’ Courageous Act of Principle

Both Elliot Richardson and William Ruckelshaus chose their duty to our nation (and honoring their promises to Congress) over their own career interests. Their example marked a turning point in the Watergate scandal, and inspired me, a lifelong Democrat, to reconsider my belief that partisanship would always prevail.