John Hamer

John Hamer was a Times editorial writer and columnist from 1977-1990. He later co-founded the Washington News Council, a non-profit citizens’ group. He retired in 2015 and now writes a regular column for the Mercer Island Reporter.

Frank Blethen: On Leaving the Seattle Times

"I’m proud of how we’ve brought women into the newsroom: All our top editorial positions are women now. Since I was raised by a single mom, I never did understand why women weren’t more prominent in high-paying significant positions."

A Citizen-Behavior Approach to Guns

Gun trigger locks have made a difference. Minnesota has given away more than 50,000 since 2022, and St. Louis more than 8,000 at fire stations, libraries, and police departments. Mercer Island has a "lock it or lose it" campaign.

Solidarity at a Mercer Island Hanukkah Festival

This year I felt it was especially important to participate in this symbolic community event. The recent antisemitic incidents that have occurred right here on Mercer Island and elsewhere have been deeply disturbing.

Cross-Country Skiing in Russia: A Reporter’s 1984 Visit to the USSR

I wasn’t spying or committing espionage, but I did break a few rules that might have landed me in a Russian prison.