Sally J. McMillan

Sally J. McMillan, author of "Digital Immigrants and Media Integration," is a writer, academician, and organizational leader. She has been a high school teacher, book editor, non-profit leader, journalist, technology executive, university professor, academic administrator, and higher education consultant.

Advertising: the Algorithms (Not the Media) are the Message

Major advertisers have announced they are pulling away from X in response to owner Elon Musk’s support of antisemitic posts. Their announcements ring hollow, however.

Historic UW Shell House Renovation Needs a Few More Strokes

Saving a UW shell house, where history has alliteration, in this case Pocock, partners, persistence, and place.

Debt Trap: Student Loan Payments Resume with Partial Relief

“The … laser-like focus on reducing red tape, addressing past administrative failures, and putting borrowers first have now resulted in a historic $127 billion in debt relief approved for nearly 3.6 million borrowers.” But 40 million will still have student debts to pay.

A Debate on Housing Policy by City Council District 6 Candidates

The moderator and both candidates noted that many positions of incumbent Dan Strauss and challenger Pete Hanning are similar.