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Saturday, April 4, 2020

The View From 2023: How Seattle Changed

The Virus Depression (called VD) has greatly changed the way we live. Surveillance mechanisms are now ubiquitous, monitoring temperatures, spacing, coughing. Grocery stores are well-policed, both to enforce health regulations and to guard against the food riots that broke out in late 2020.

West Seattle Bridge Cracks Explained

Since bridges are generally over-engineered, small cracks usually don’t add enough stress on their own to cause further cracking. But combined with the external forces that created the crack in the first place at some point they lead to progressively larger cracks. Then the stresses start accumulating on the part of the concrete that is still intact as the load shifts, and the process accelerates.

Bill Come Due: Why Seattle Has Neglected Its Bridges and Street Repairs

The problem can more probably be seen as a choice between roads and humans services. Seattle chose services.

COVID Field Notes: Cherry Blossoms and Checkout Dramas

Are we just bidding farewell to the old normal before entering the new? What’s remarkable is how long-ago that old normal seems now.

The Experience Economy: Retail For The Internet Age

Books are a big draw, but the Gronigen Forum also has lots more: movie theaters, exhibition halls, an auditorium, a comics museum, a hip restaurant and bar, and a rooftop "market square" with great views. (And shops.)

On The Seattle Menu: Plague Mentality

It seems to me, having just gotten my daily fill of coronavirus coverage on CNN and MSNBC, that we are moving rapidly into the strange realm of plague mentality, which often results from ignorance and fear.

An Idea for Over-Advantaged Seattle: Meet Me in St. Louie

Instead of concentrating tech companies and venture capital in a few American cities (Seattle, Bay Area, Boston), we should spread the wealth and invest in once-grand legacy cities such as St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cleveland.

Sound Transit’s Typhoid Marty?

“It all depends on the individual inspector. This is how I do it. A card might be stolen. I need to make sure there isn’t a woman’s name on it.”

Transit vs. COVID-19: Bus cleaning can’t keep up. How about onboard sanitizer?

Metro, which manages the downtown light-rail tunnel as well as King County buses, only gives its buses a "deep cleaning" every 30 days.

Back To The Future: What’s The Holdup On A Lake Washington Passenger Ferry?

Service would run from Renton's Southport to MOHAI on South Lake Union -- a one-hour trip on a fast ferry running hourly, competitive with the already congested routes to South Lake Union but with spectacular views, time and space to work.