Nick Licata

Nick Licata, was a 5 term Seattle City Councilmember, named progressive municipal official of the year by The Nation, and is founding board chair of Local Progress, a national network of 1,000 progressive municipal officials. Author of Becoming a Citizen Activist. Subscribe to Licata’s newsletter Urban Politics

How Democrats Could Counter Republican Attacks on Voting Rights

Democrats need to select the turf that they can win instead of wandering around in a state's political wilderness.

Warning: This is How Our Mechanisms of Secular Democracy are being Undermined

Trump acts as a revolutionary in tearing down our government. But rather than leading a violent overthrow (which lingers in the background as a possibility), he is astutely attacking democracy’s governing norms. The most critical norm is that our democracy works.

Interview: Jelani Cobb on Race and Organizing People at the Bottom

Cobb: "BLM has managed to be effective for a startling amount of time without one central leader.

Roadmap: How Trump Plans to Ensure a 2024 Win

The audience has been prepped to expect that if a Republican loses the next presidential election, it will be because of fraud.

You Can Move But You Cannot Hide: 136 Countries Agree on a Minimum Corporate Tax

The global minimum tax will now face the vagaries of U.S. politics, including questions of how the U.S. will enact it and whether it would survive a 2024 Republican election victory.

Why Seattle Declared an Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Our flawed hero Columbus has been heralded over the centuries for a discovery that came at a terrible cost to those he found inhabiting that world.

Groovy Man! Lawmakers Turn On to Dropping Out Laws Against Psychedelic Drugs

A strategy for building a national movement that supports legalizing psychedelics can also address a community’s social justice issues and the individual’s freedom to explore their creative consciousness. This dual approach can bridge the ideological divide in our nation by refocusing on an issue that can work for the greater good regardless of one’s party affiliation.

Wealth Disparity is a Growing (and Dangerous) Threat to Democracy

Critics charge that the growing gap in wealth among Americans is not a random economic trend but a politically driven plan to protect a select group’s capital and their ability to increase it through manipulating our democratic decision-making process.

The Money Funding Trump’s Ludicrous Election Conspiracies

The Republican Party needs Donald Trump's populist appeal to turn out white voters in their primaries. And just as important, multimillionaire business owners will donate unlimited amounts to elect a Trump Republican candidate.

Beyond Comfort: The Impacts of Air Conditioning

"When AC became available, it was concentrated in large commercial spaces where you had to spend money to stay cool. Consequently, movie theaters or shopping malls received air conditioning, while there were far fewer public spaces providing shelter from the heat. Libraries are the major exception to this."

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