Nick Licata

Nick Licata, was a 5 term Seattle City Councilmember, named progressive municipal official of the year by The Nation, and is founding board chair of Local Progress, a national network of 1,000 progressive municipal officials. Author of Becoming a Citizen Activist. Subscribe to Licata’s newsletter Urban Politics

Key to Winning Independent Voters: First Know Who They Are

There is a growing trend of more minority voters becoming independent voters, switching from Democrats. Hispanics have turned away from Biden more than any other racial or ethnic group.

Beyond Roe: Looking to the States

If Congress, in its current makeup, is unable to protect the right of women to have freedom over their choice in having a child, then the Democrats will have to focus on state politics.

Trust No One: The Toxic Brine of Misinformation

Systemic disinformation efforts are designed to undercut democracy by dividing people, feeding their emotions, destroying their ability to recognize truths, and undermining their capacity to find them. 

Regime Change? Putin in the Hot Seat

There are serious political conditions brewing that threaten 69-year-old Vladimir Putin's 22-year autocratic control over Russia.

How Mike Pence Could Become President

Keep in mind that Libertarians, like Pence, strongly condemned the January 6 insurrection. And the Libertarian Party is registered in all 50 states as a third party.

How Democrats Could Counter Republican Attacks on Voting Rights

Democrats need to select the turf that they can win instead of wandering around in a state's political wilderness.

Warning: This is How Our Mechanisms of Secular Democracy are being Undermined

Trump acts as a revolutionary in tearing down our government. But rather than leading a violent overthrow (which lingers in the background as a possibility), he is astutely attacking democracy’s governing norms. The most critical norm is that our democracy works.

Interview: Jelani Cobb on Race and Organizing People at the Bottom

Cobb: "BLM has managed to be effective for a startling amount of time without one central leader.

Roadmap: How Trump Plans to Ensure a 2024 Win

The audience has been prepped to expect that if a Republican loses the next presidential election, it will be because of fraud.

You Can Move But You Cannot Hide: 136 Countries Agree on a Minimum Corporate Tax

The global minimum tax will now face the vagaries of U.S. politics, including questions of how the U.S. will enact it and whether it would survive a 2024 Republican election victory.

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