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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Nick Licata

Nick Licata was a Seattle City Councilmember for 18 years, the Nation named him as Progressive Municipal Official of the Year and he is the Founding Board Chair of Local Progress, a network of a thousand urban progressive elected officials. He authored Becoming a Citizen Activist, www.becomingacitizenactivist.org

The Climate Change Debate: Shift Focus to Weather

In a debate one side wins and the other side loses. How many debates end with the losing side agreeing that they...

REVIEW: “Seattle’s Medic One: How We Don’t Die”

Before Medic One, Seattle firefighters had responded to thousands of medical emergencies. But residents needed a faster and more effective life-saving service regardless of their location or ability to pay, and there needed to be an equitable way to cover the costs of this new service.

A Thoughtful Defense Of Sawant as City Council Sparkplug

Sawant’s faults are real, as is evident by the rise of challengers to her reelection this Fall. But it's unfair to make her a scapegoat.

Think local to fight Gerrymandering

By Nick Licata and Roger Scott The Supreme Court recently gave the green light to 29 states (with 46%...

Teed Off: What’s Best Use for Seattle’s Public Golf Courses?

A recently released city study and comments from Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan have stirred up a conversation about whether our public golf...

Nick Licata: I Watched Extremism Blow Up The SDS

Fifty years ago, this June, the Students for a Democratic Society held its last united National Convention. It was torn apart by...

A New Book Deplores How Real Estate Rules Most Cities

Urban planners are either praised or criticized for designing our cities. Planner Samuel Stein’s Capital City – Gentrification and the Real Estate...

Trump’s ‘collusion trap’ and how to avoid it

Democrats and critics of President Trump have accepted a false premise that has blinded them to his actual wrong doing. By focusing on “collusion” they provided a...

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The G.O.P. Is Down and Out in Washington State. This Is Not Good.

A one-party political landscape isn't healthy, no matter which party it is. But our rigid adherence to the two-party system isn’t rational, so no serious alternative party is in the works, at least not yet.

Nope, Medina Is Hardly A Poster Child For Runaway City Spending

The tax and deficit situation in the town of Medina has nothing whatever to do with people like Gates and Bezos.

What Should We Call Mt. Rainier?

There is no easy answer to the question "what did native people call it?" Keep in mind that there were many native groups speaking many languages in sight of the enormous peak, and they had their own names for it.

Indexer: Why It Feels Like Seattle Is Growing Faster (When It’s Not)

Growth is everywhere, our infrastructure is straining to keep up, and it feels like we're growing at an unprecedented rate. We're not. So why does it feel that way?

Indexer: Seattle’s Growth In Context

While Seattle is growing nicely, it isn't gaining in national rankings over the past 30 years. Seattle’s relative isolation, high costs and niche economic roles make it an unlikely breakout story.