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Nick Licata, was a 5 term Seattle City Councilmember, named progressive municipal official of the year by The Nation, and is founding board chair of Local Progress, a national network of 1,000 progressive municipal officials. Author of Becoming a Citizen Activist. Subscribe to Licata’s newsletter Urban Politics

How can America Succeed if its People don’t know How it Works?

Most citizens are unaware of how their government works. Only 36 percent of those surveyed could name all three branches of the U.S. government, and 35 percent could not name a single branch.

How we got here: The Toxicity of Media Consolidation on our Democracy

Freedom of the press is guaranteed in our constitution, meaning that the government does not control expression. However, the constitution is silent on what happens when a few hawkers dominate the marketplace, and the free press is effectively narrowed to near-monopolies controlling most outlets.

The Three Groups that Participated in the Capitol Insurrection

Two important studies have been recently released that take a closer look at the insurrectionists' makeup, and one looks closely at who makes up the MAGA Movement. Together they point to something that the TV commentators didn't dwell on, namely that there is a growing domestic anti-democracy movement.

Can Biden Derail the Nuclear Arms Race that Trump Re-started?

Since Clinton, Republican opposition to arms treaties has stopped the progress on agreements. Trump pretty much tossed out all the previous pacts.

The Big Lie and the Weaponizing of American Politics

There is an element of truth in recognizing that there is no perfectly fair election. But to argue that all elections are corrupt and stolen because they are unfair is to promulgate a lie, as much a lie as Putin's claim that his nation’s elections are "democratic."

Fascism Rising: America’s Institutions Face the Test

"Tradition" is elevated to the point of conflicting with the scientific approach of critical thinking. Using a verifiable truth to argue against a traditional but unproven truth is seen as the work of a liberal intelligentsia betraying traditional values.

Dept. of Victimology: Trump’s One Last Election Ploy as a Fundraising Strategy Stokes the Base

Trump has shown that he can raise a lot of money  —  as a victim, as he often has portrayed himself since becoming president. Now, he is the victim of a rigged election.

The Obscure Law that Could Throw the Election to Trump

The best example of the act’s inability to deal with what could become a major constitutional fight is its ambiguity as to the solution when multiple slates of electors are sent from a state. In that case, the House and Senate are expected to vote separately on which slate to accept.

Why Would Trump Fire his Defense Secretary Now? Believe What he Says

Every military commander-in-chief must look at all options for how to battle the enemy, even if those options are never pursued. President Trump is no exception. In this instance, as he has often implied if not said, the enemy is the Democratic Party.

The Supreme Court: Republican Majorities Since 1970

In fact, in every year since 1970, the majority of Supreme Court justices have been Republican appointees. Since the beginning of Chief Justice Warren Burger’s court until the death of Justice Ruth B. Ginsberg, there have been 31 Republican appointed-justices and 8 Democratic appointed-justices sitting on the Supreme Court.The Supreme

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