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Friday, October 30, 2020

Nick Licata

Nick Licata, was a 5 term Seattle City Councilmember, named progressive municipal official of the year by The Nation, and is founding board chair of Local Progress, a national network of 1,000 progressive municipal officials. Author of Becoming a Citizen Activist. http://www.becomingacitizenactivist.org/changemakers/ Subscribe to Licata’s newsletter Urban Politics http://www.becomingacitizenactivist.org/

The Supreme Court: Republican Majorities Since 1970

In fact, in every year since 1970, the majority of Supreme Court justices have been Republican appointees. Since the beginning of Chief Justice Warren Burger’s court until the death of Justice Ruth B. Ginsberg, there have been 31 Republican appointed-justices and 8 Democratic appointed-justices sitting on the Supreme Court.The Supreme

DACA Stands at the Supreme Court – But not because it’s Humane Policy

It might not be the wisest political strategy for Trump to continue pushing to rescind DACA so near the November elections. For one thing the past lower court decisions have gone against Trump’s efforts to dissolve DACA, which could easily push court appeals into the midst of the final month of the presidential campaign.

Capitol Hill’s Occupied Zone and how it Happened

Overall, observers and participants will need to continue thinking about how claiming a portion of public space for an underserved and discriminated community can initiate effective social and political change, and not perpetuate the status quo or ignite a right-wing backlash that pursues further repressive policies.

Why Trump’s All in on Chloroquine

Trump’s promoting hydroxychloroquine shows that he can buck the health experts who he strongly implies are providing foolish, overprotective restrictions that are putting people out of work and out of business. Instead he comes across as just using common sense to promote a tried-and-true drug to give Americans a chance to get over this pandemic.

The Growing Case For Taxing Automation That Costs Jobs

Replacing human labor with machines can have a positive impact if it frees up people to use their human empathy and understanding to help the many who need help to survive and enjoy life. However, the money to allow them to assist the larger community needs to come “from the profits that are generated by the labor-saving efficiency there; some can come directly in some kind of robot tax.”

Trump’s Firing Of Officials Puts a Dangerous Loyalty Test in Place

Congress failed to fix this ability to bypass Congress’s authority back in 2009 by stripping out a key provision in the House version of the Inspector General Reform Act of 2008. The final bill became law, but it did not include the House’s “for cause” requirement for removing an IG for 9 specific reasons.

Why Authoritarian Leaders Minimize COVID-19

Once the death toll can no longer be denied, these leaders shift to blaming others for the pandemic. Consider the cases of Xi, Putin, Bolsonaro, and Trump

What the Record Shows So Far: Trump’s Pandemic Performance

President Trump’s attitude to the approaching pandemic has not been one of optimism but of denying the probability of its existence and of deflecting responsibility for appropriately responding.

Does Bernie Misunderstand Scandinavian ‘Socialism’? No, We Do.

Sanders needs to grasp how he is crippling his own message by clinging to terminology that older generation voters have identified as poisonous to our freedoms.

Case Study: How Seattle Banned Winter Evictions

Passing the new law on evictions is a good illustration of how citizen commissions can originate and help pass progressive legislation. But you have to play the game smartly.

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A New Funder Invests in the Future of Seattle Arts

All philanthropic support is not equal. And the pandemic lockdown demonstrates different approaches.

Want to end the Pandemic?

In a a rationally governed world it could be done, thereby opening up the enormous range of coordinated actions available to policy makers ready to look at hard facts before making hard but firm choices.

Demons and Devils: Halloween and its Growing Popularity

There’s something bigger, more malevolent, going on here. Something demonic.

More Consensus: Time to move to Ranked Choice Voting?

It induces candidates to build broad coalitions to win elections. They can’t win by just energizing their base. Instead, they must appeal to a wide coalition of voters to win second and third choices.

After Trump-Solving: Seattle Needs Problem Solving

The situation calls for local politicians to walk (fight Covid's spread) and chew gum (salvage the local economy) at the same time.