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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Books: A New Crime Blogger In Town

You can practically smell the salty tang in the air and taste the coffee in one of the author's favorite cafes. It's a promising debut.

Why Do Christian Evangelicals Support Trump And Not Buttigieg?

"If mainstream media figures believe that Mayor Pete speaks the same Christian language as Trump’s Evangelical base, they need to think again. He’s a sincere proponent of a faith that is very different from theirs.”

Books: A Seattle Historian on How the West Rescued a Starving Russia

I was shocked by this story — it was so dramatic, moving, powerful, and historically important — yet few Americans, and even fewer Russians know about it.

Books: David Guterson’s “Turn Around Time” – Nature’s Call To Arms

"Turn around time is an alpinist’s notion – that preplanned moment when, no matter what, it’s time to reverse course and head back. The principle acknowledges an unstoppable coming darkness."

Books: Anarchism In Its Many Flavors

Insurrectionary anarchists believed that capitalism would be overthrown by a spontaneous violent revolt by the workers. During that revolt, the workers would reorganize work along egalitarian lines and create a utopian society.

Books: A New Classic of Northwest Logging and Radicalism

If Norwegians and Swedes laid down the legends of the Puget Sound country, Finns were their counterparts in southwest Washington and northwest Oregon in lands drained by the mighty Columbia.

BOOKS: The Donald as Il Duce

Mussolini’s career ended badly, his desecrated body hung from a rafter by some of the same people who had cheered at his rallies. But while he lived, he built a cult of personality that foreshadowed that of Donald Trump.

Confessions of a Badass Reporter

In a rollicking new memoir titled Fearless: Confessions of a Badass Reporter, Blacklow chronicles her adventures at a time when few females did the job she did.

REVIEW: “Seattle’s Medic One: How We Don’t Die”

Before Medic One, Seattle firefighters had responded to thousands of medical emergencies. But residents needed a faster and more effective life-saving service regardless of their location or ability to pay, and there needed to be an equitable way to cover the costs of this new service.

A Tribute to Gordon Walker, Pied Piper of Northwest Architecture

Walker got caught up in the mystique of the legendary Northwest style, also called “stick modern” because of expressed wood structures. He came to Seattle and moved easily among the architects who were putting the city on the map in the 1960s.