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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Clair Enlow

Clair Enlow is a freelance journalist writing about architecture, planning and history. She’s a Loeb Fellow and an honorary member of AIASeattle.

Seattle’s Waterfront Is Remaking Itself, With a Dramatic Overlook Walk to the Aquarium

The Overlook Walk will meet the edge of MarketFront, where a series of bridging structures will continue the switchbacks down a gentle slope to the roof deck of the Ocean Pavilion. On the way down, the path will cross over yet-to-be-built Elliott Avenue, the branch of rebuilt Alaskan Way which will climb the face of the cliff, carrying most of the northbound traffic toward Belltown.

Portland’s Bold Move To Encourage More Close-In ‘Middle’ Housing

Seattle has not adjusted to the shift to urban housing, except in some token ways. The city still requires one on-site parking space per house, with the exception of accessory units in some single-family zones.

Another Old Church Building On The Edge Of Demise

In 2005 the owners of Third Church tested the market for their building and received an offer from a man who seemed committed to converting Third Church into a performance and lecture hall. Didn't happen.

East Precinct, Seattle’s Unexpected Landmark

For some demonstrators, the building is their police station. The East Precinct serves a large area in South Seattle. I hate to see that open door boarded up. Like others who’ve raised teenagers here, I’ve been to the precinct in the middle of the night.

Behind The Curtain Walls: Seattle’s Tower Architecture

For more than three decades, Seattle has been earnestly shaping policy and procedure to get better downtown buildings, and fend off the worst. What have we got to show for it? Rainier Square Tower.

FENCE: The Power of Pictures next to a Changing Waterfront

The show is a reminder of the power of still photos to explore and explain, especially events that blend history with natural phenomena. Much of the exhibit consists of photo essays reminiscent of extinct magazines like Life.

Ground Zero For Seattle Public Spaces: The Conflict That Is Occidental Park

The park reflects our best urban dreams and harshest economic realities. During our extended coronavirus shutdown Occidental Park is strangely unoccupied, just like much of Seattle. It’s also unwatched and ungoverned.

Un-Touristed, The Real Pike Place Market Revealed

The Market now shows its good architectural bones. In a few years, it will be the key linkage for a walk from Capitol Hill to the historic waterfront.

A Building That Is What It Does: UW’s New Life Sciences Center

Is it good architecture? Yes, very. The UW is joining the larger corporate and scientific world, and the Life Sciences Building is what it does. It makes knowledge workers happy and productive.

Seattle’s Asian Art Museum Discreetly Upsizes: Not Just A Connoisseur’s Jewel Box

What's new is the way the museum now opens up to views of the park. The addition stands behind and to one side, taking advantage of a dip in the ground level on the east side.

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What It Was Like Being A Volunteer For A Coronavirus Test-Vaccine

During the month after each shot I recorded information about my reactions and every week walked the two miles to the research office and had copious quantities of blood extracted for research. I experienced three periods of side effects (muscle aches, mild temperature spikes, etc.).

Big Political Shifts in the Fight for Police Accountability

Seattle reformers have lost patience with city hall and now are shifting their energies to Olympia. The reason is the long sidelining of true accountability reforms by Seattle politicians.

Why Russia Needs Four More Years of Trump

“Thanks to his disdainful attitude and his failures, our allies no longer trust or respect us, and our enemies no longer fear us” -- National Security Leaders for Biden