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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Circle Of Life: Climate Change And Its Impacts On Northwest Animals

Forecasts for the Columbia Basin aren’t encouraging. Over the coming century, “a lot of the lower Columbia will become unsuitable” for salmon, one expert says.

Big Thaw At The Top of The Earth, Big Peril to Earth’s Climate

The Polaris Project is an innovative research and educational venture dedicated to twin ambitious goals: to determine what will happen to the vast trove of carbon frozen in Arctic soils as the planet warms (and how that will in turn affect the climate), and to recruit, inspire, and train the next generation of Arctic scientists.

13 Things You Can Do About Climate Change

There are a variety of actions you can take to get on a path to a lower personal carbon footprint and work toward ensuring a lower carbon future.

As California Burns, Will Climate Refugees Head This Way?

The rest of the West has always been peopled by former Californians, and that includes the Northwest. I wonder how much our demographers are calculating for this new migration.

What Should We Call Mt. Rainier?

There is no easy answer to the question "what did native people call it?" Keep in mind that there were many native groups speaking many languages in sight of the enormous peak, and they had their own names for it.

To Save the Orcas, We Need to Stop Eating Their Lunch

If we stopped catching wild fish in the ocean and kept hatchery salmon off their spawning grounds in the rivers, we might wind up pretty quickly with as many fish as we have now.

The Climate Change Debate: Shift Focus to Weather

In a debate one side wins and the other side loses. How many debates end with the...

At Last, A Solution For Hanford’s Nuclear Waste: Reclassify It?

No one really expects Congress to appropriate two-thirds of a trillion dollars for Hanford cleanup, not even spread over 75 years. Set the barrier high enough, and of course the government has to come up with Plan B. Cue the effort to reclassify waste.

CNN’s Climate Crisis Marathon: So Many Good Plans, So Little Status Quo Sanity

It was uplifting to hear such passionate and detailed plans for averting the obliteration of Planet Earth from all 10 leading Democratic presidential candidates at the CNN climate forum Wednesday night.


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