Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson is a founding member of the Rainshadow Journal collective. He retired to Port Townsend after 30 years of journalism at the Seattle Times.

Walking On Sunshine

It’s comforting to know my morning coffee is being brewed by sunlight. And I’ve become addicted to the app that tells me our excess rooftop electrons are flowing back to the Jefferson PUD, which promises to return the favor, watt for watt,  when the sun migrates south next winter.

Protection Island: One Small Fire, Thousands of Seabirds at Risk

Biologists have barely begun to assess the damage from last week's fire, but the toll will eventually be measured in biological terms –- just another step backward in our collective effort to preserve the Puget Sound ecosystem.

Round and Round We Go

Expect flak. When traffic engineers briefed local officials and taxpayers on the idea last year, drivers howled.  “Stupid idea,” wrote one local critic. “I’ve yet to hear one person who thinks it’s a good idea.” 

What You Learn from 30 Years Tracking Seagulls on Protection Island

Over those years, the genial, soft-spoken Michigan professor and researcher has spent two months each summer living in a rustic, three-room cabin on the island, observing the mating rituals, nesting, egg-laying, and the hatching and fledging of the glaucous winged gulls that breed there by the thousands.

School’s Back in Session: Hundreds of Millions of Herring Return to Puget Sound

Some areas are in drastic shape, but those declines have been offset by remarkable increases in Elliott Bay. Much of the activity takes place along Alki Beach and off the Olympic Sculpture Garden.

Citizen Science: “Will Anyone ever see this?”

Citizen science, sometimes referred to as “community science,” is a big deal these days. Researchers at the University of Washington recently estimated that 1.3 million citizen volunteers had participated in 388 research projects in just one area of research – biodiversity.

An Improbable new Boat Race to Challenge Washington

Christened the WA360, or “Washington three-sixty,” the Maritime Center’s planned race will, at least for now, replace the celebrated 750-mile Race to Alaska, which seemed even less likely to succeed, but did anyway for five years from 2015 to 2019.

In Port Townsend, a Small-Town Newspaper Revives

In a small town, “It all comes down to the relationship between a newspaper and a community that values real journalism.”

I Owe My 15 Minutes of Fame to Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh’s blast was fair comment, but it was not journalism, I argued. He made no attempt to walk through the issue, and certainly never called me. It was clear he had not read my story.

The Olympic Peninsula’s Hidden State Park Gem that’s Largely Unused

Eventually, this gem on Discovery Bay is destined to be discovered. Miller is at the top of the state’s list for development. More than a decade ago, State Parks convened public meetings to discuss longterm plans with hopes of opening as early as 2013. But those plans got pushed to a back burner with the recession, and Covid economics are likely to keep it there indefinitely.

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