Dan Chasan

After the Year that we got through, We’re anxious and happy to see ’22

so let's take stock of how we all have wound up here and what we may expect next year.

The Great Carbon Sink Next Door

Local advantages of our forests include the facts that "we do not have significant land conversion to agriculture" and that Northwest "forests are growing well."

The Northwest Spotted-Owl Wars: No Happily Ever After

Presidents like to sock it to the spotted owl and help out the timber industry while heading out the door. Latest chapter: Biden undoing a huge giveaway of lands to timber industries as Trump made his exit.

Supreme Court Threats to Press Libel Laws

Justice Gorsuch asks, "If ensuring an informed democratic debate is the goal, how well do we serve that interest with rules that no longer merely tolerate but encourage falsehoods in quantities no one could have envisioned almost 60 years ago?"

Hatcheries for Waning Orcas No Longer Works

The lawsuit sees the state of Washington doubling down on an old panacea, more hatcheries, that hasn't worked to save the orcas in the past and won't work in the future.

Has the Texas Abortion Law Rendered the Rest of us Irrelevant?

Let's see: We have a law that on its face and in its clear intent is unconstitutional, at least in the way the Court has interpreted the Constitution for nearly half a century. The law is blatantly designed to prevent courts from ruling on its constitutionality. So we have blatant defiance of the Constitution and the Court, shielded by a transparent legislative scam.

Beneath the Surface: New Book Explores the Hidden World of Puget Sound

"The most important animals in Puget Sound, as in the oceans at large, are neither the most obvious nor the most beloved."

Let’s All Pile on Rudy! (Except…)

Would Giuliani's continued ability to practice law in New York for even a short time have "immediately threaten[ed] the public interest?" That's a satisfying conclusion for some of us to see drawn. But really? After all, he can keep lying in public all he wants. He just can't do it as a lawyer representing a client.

Water Wars: Klamath Basin in Peril

Resolutions over the water in the Klamath Basin keep running into two tough problems. There isn't enough water to go around, and the environmental groups are split.

Tax the Rich! (Sorry about the Constitutionality)

State lawmakers hoped that faced with the proposed new tax on capital gains, the state supreme court would change its nearly-90-year-old definition of what the state constitution allowed. We'll see, though the odds are not good. for a legal green light.

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