Dan Chasan

Beneath the Surface: New Book Explores the Hidden World of Puget Sound

"The most important animals in Puget Sound, as in the oceans at large, are neither the most obvious nor the most beloved."

Let’s All Pile on Rudy! (Except…)

Would Giuliani's continued ability to practice law in New York for even a short time have "immediately threaten[ed] the public interest?" That's a satisfying conclusion for some of us to see drawn. But really? After all, he can keep lying in public all he wants. He just can't do it as a lawyer representing a client.

Water Wars: Klamath Basin in Peril

Resolutions over the water in the Klamath Basin keep running into two tough problems. There isn't enough water to go around, and the environmental groups are split.

Tax the Rich! (Sorry about the Constitutionality)

State lawmakers hoped that faced with the proposed new tax on capital gains, the state supreme court would change its nearly-90-year-old definition of what the state constitution allowed. We'll see, though the odds are not good. for a legal green light.

Fifty Years Ago Today I was the First Starbucks First Customer

That first Starbucks store had just unlocked its doors. Only the proprietors were inside. We joined them in a deep room with high ceilings and glass-fronted cases to our right. I bought a pound of Sumatra beans. I was the first customer.

Mercer Island — Seriously? What the Law Says About Fining Homeless People

So what was the point of Mercer Island's passing an ordinance that wasn’t needed and can’t be used? Good question, but Mercer Island isn’t talking.

The Trial is ‘Political Theater,’ and What’s Wrong With That?

FDR’s fireside chats were performance. So was Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech. Theater? Bring it on.

Can You Fire a Cop for Showing up at Trump’s Insurrection?

Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz has said, "If any SPD officers were directly involved in the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, I will immediately terminate them.”

Is Social Media a Threat to the First Amendment?

“Trump has provoked a debate among legal scholars over whether the once-sacrosanct constitutional protection of free speech has itself become a threat to democracy by enabling the widespread and instantaneous transmission of lies in the service of political gain.”

Parting Gift: Trumpers Whack the Northern Spotted Owl

It’s puzzling why people who know it’s a bad idea to cut the carbon-sequestering forests of the Amazon don’t seem to realize the significance of the great coniferous forests close to home.

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