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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Dan Chasan

To Save the Orcas, We Need to Stop Eating Their Lunch

If we stopped catching wild fish in the ocean and kept hatchery salmon off their spawning grounds in the rivers, we might wind up pretty quickly with as many fish as we have now.

Old Bones And Natural Wonders: Inside The New Burke Museum

The new Burke Museum opens up virtually all its work spaces to public view. A curator says that at first, some staff members were skeptical, but by now, everyone seems all in.

Does Warren’s Plan for Native Americans Add Up?

Maybe the tribes could be part of her broader approach to the problems of rural America.

At Last, A Solution For Hanford’s Nuclear Waste: Reclassify It?

No one really expects Congress to appropriate two-thirds of a trillion dollars for Hanford cleanup, not even spread over 75 years. Set the barrier high enough, and of course the government has to come up with Plan B. Cue the effort to reclassify waste.

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An Anatomy of Boeing’s Problems. And Seattle’s.

As for the impact on Seattle if Boeing is really crippled, I wonder how well local planners are taking that into account.

Gordon Sondland – The Transactional Witness And His Northwest Power Moves

How does a businessman whose image at home has been relatively benign, if at times controversial, find himself in this sort of hot water, with the heat being turned up by both parties?

Trump Trashes Yet Another Strong Woman

Should any president now or in the future be allowed to get away with such behavior?

After Day One: Failure To Move The Needle

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