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Monday, October 26, 2020

Dan Chasan

Setback to Protect Endangered North Cascades Wolverines

Wolverines are the largest members of the weasel family. Your basic weasel is considered a fierce predator. It weighs less than a pound. A wolverine can weigh up to 44 pounds. They are clearly badass.

Trump Is Abusing His Office. It’s Less Clear How Many Laws He Is Breaking

Don’t bet a lot of money on the feds. "They do not have a legal leg to stand on," says Tom Wolfe, a senior attorney at NYU law school's Brennan Center for Justice. "It's going to be very difficult for any court to rule in favor of the Trump administration."

Big Birthdays, Memorable Ones, and The One I Barely Survived

Or maybe it was the time we drove out in two cars to a town in which we were trying to organize a plant and a hostile crowd was waiting for us -- this was no surprise; experienced organizers had told me not to wear a tie, so no one could grab it. Some young guys in that crowd threw rocks.

Trump Gives Dams On The Lower Snake River a Few More Expensive Decades to Live

"You would think it was time for the government to chart a new course," says Earthjustice senior attorney Todd True. Instead, he says, "it's surprising how much time the government took to do nothing.'''

Puget Sound’s Life Beyond Aquaculture

The environmental group Wild Fish Conservancy has applied for permits to lease state tidelands in Puget Sound now leased by Cooke Aquaculture for Atlantic salmon net pens.

More Bad News For North Cascades Grizzlies

There may be 20 bears in the Cascades. There may be two. At times, if you assume that they wander back and forth across the Canadian border, there may be none. But the habitat remains. The recovery plan calls for restoring a population in a place where bears can obviously live.

COVID Debate on Lives Versus Jobs: Tacoma Remembers this One

Bill Ruckelshaus made the nearby residents of Tacoma's ASARCO smelter face the choice: kill a few people a year from arsenic, or gamble to save 575 jobs?

Climate Change And Dubious Science Threaten The Canada Lynx In U.S. Mountain Forests

“Lynx are good sentinel species for climate change,” says Dan Thornton, an assistant professor in Washington State University's School of the Environment.. “They are like an early warning system for what’s going to happen to other climate sensitive species.”

Planting Trees Will Help Reduce Carbon, But You Have To Do It Right

Here in the Pacific Northwest -- at least the dank western part of the region -- planting trees seems a natural. If there's one thing we can do here, it's grow trees. And we should. But not every place is Western Washington or Oregon. And even here, there are caveats.

Lawsuit: Who Should Benefit From Revenue From State Forests?

Can Washington manage its vast forests in part to, say, slow climate change or protect drinking water, or must it manage them exclusively to generate money for public school construction and the budgets of cash-strapped counties? This question is not merely rhetorical.

Latest Post Alley Posts

A BC Snap Election Gives Government a Reinforced Majority

The pandemic has been well managed, textbook-style. Even so, the pandemic has hit hard, notably cratering the province’s tourism industry from cruise ships to wine tourism in the south Okanagan.

Seattle Leads in getting Denser. Is the rest of the Country Following?

Since passage of the Growth Management Act (GMA) in 1990 the state and region have been in the forefront of what came to be know as the Smart Growth movement that sought to shift growth patterns away from the dominant post-World War II model. If we have been leaders, do we have any followers?

Yes, I Speak Car Repair: My R2-D2 Strut Bracings Are Shot?

The trick is to run out the clock by asking a lot of seemingly-dumb questions until, exhausted, the scammers are ready for a low-ball offer.

Three WA Congressional Races that Explain Current Washington Politics

The “Berniecrat” wing of the Democratic Party misfired this year with scattershot challengers to Reps. Kilmer and Rick Larsen, candidates who cheered on the Capitol Hill occupied zone in Seattle. Rep. Adam Smith, in the 9th District, blew away left opponents in 2016 and 2018. Running in the 10th, Beth Doglio is the most credible hope of the “blue-green” left of labor and environmental activists.

A Dog’s Take on The Lewis & Clark and on that Black Dog Depression

The book is narrated by Meriwether Lewis’ dog, Seaman, a Newfoundland. As such it is a great introduction to this important chapter in American history. And there really was a “Seaman.”