Walter Hatch

Walter Hatch is a professor of political science at Colby College in Maine who, when not teaching, lives in Seattle's Phinneywood. He has written numerous articles and chapters on the politics of Japan and China, as well as three books on international relations, including "Ghosts in the Neighborhood: How Germany Has Escaped a Haunted Past, But Japan Has Not" (University of Michigan Press, forthcoming). Before becoming an academic, he was a journalist -- most recently for The Seattle Times.

Why WA Third Flipped Democratic: A Tale of Two Cities

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez's lesson for Democrats in blue-collar districts? Emphasize jobs and a solid safety net.

Okinawa’s Colonial Trap

To many here in Okinawa, the national government’s firm commitment to the alliance just reinforces their own feelings of estrangement.

The Problem: Putin’s Brain or Putin’s Braintrust?

Even in the case of a quasi-dictatorship like contemporary Russia, we find a circle of elite advisers around the president. We should pay more attention to this brain trust, and less to Putin’s brain.