Steve Clifford

Steve Clifford, the former CEO of KING Broadcasting, has written humor for and the Huffington Post. He is the author of "The CEO Pay Machine."

Hu’s on First? (Xi Wants to Know)

'Mr. President, in public, you should not make the statement that "Hu is Xi" 

What Would Jesus Do? If Speaker Mike Johnson Really Did.

Sen. Kennedy, in imploring the new Speaker: I am a Christian and believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. But Jesus lived long ago.

In Praise of Book Banning (But Let’s Ban the Right Ones!)

If the book banners really cared about the students, they would proscribe overlong books stuffed with impenetrable prose. Books that provoke panic attacks when appearing on the final exam.

Pure Genius: Not my Year (But I Think I Know Why)

I was told that this would be the year that I finally received my much deserved, and much delayed, MacArthur Genius Award. Wrong again!

The Over/Under on Trump: Let’s Bet!

In a quadfecta, the bettor picks the exact number of felony convictions in each of the four lawsuits. A $100 winning bet would average over $7 million. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene: “Steve, You’re So Detrimentalizing!”

Greene previously accused Steve Clifford, a Seattle-based Media Influencer with followers in the mid two figures, of belonging to a satanic cabal of Global Elites in government, media and entertainment. 

Super-Steve and his Infallible Plan to Fight Inflation

Way back in 2000, I decided to start giving back to the country that had treated me well. "It is time for me to give back to society," I told my wife. "I am going to fight inflation." "How?" she asked.

Weaponizing Accountability: Impaled on Their Own Words

When the infallible hold "accountable" the impotent, meaning of this word is unfathomable.

SDOT (Slow Down Our Town): Our Master Plan to Make Madison St. Impassible

The Council is threatening to defund SDOT by 50% and turn over street maintenance to social workers and community activists. Unless you offer some ideas for strangling Madison Street, you could lose your jobs. 

A Jerk’s Appeal for Empathy

We Jerks are victims of demeaning verbal assaults, overt discrimination, micro-insults, stereotyping, and exclusions that invalidate our cultural heritage.