Steve Clifford

Steve Clifford, the former CEO of KING Broadcasting, has written humor for and the Huffington Post. He is the author of "The CEO Pay Machine."

Exclusive! Sneak Peak at My Futuristic Satirical Novel Every Publisher Rejected

A publisher writes: "You fill your book with conspiracy theories so laughable they would not find an adherent in a lunatic asylum. This is not funny. This is sick beyond imagination. This is where I threw the manuscript into a wastebasket."

Love and the New Hookups: Politics First!

No one is looking for love. Everyone wants political validation. Who needs love, affection, and empathy when shared umbrage, common political enemies, and reciprocal moral smugness are now the foundation of a lasting relationship?

An Astrid By Any Other Name…

Today’s parents, thinking that the name Astrid contributes a half-step rise in social statue, fail to realize that their peers from similar families, schools, and social backgrounds also think the name Astrid connotes eminence. Quickly Astrid will forfeit its cachet.

And Here Comes Texas To Save us From “Fake” History

In the special session, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and House Speaker Dade Phelan hope to enact “Perpetual Packing” legislation to strengthen second amendment rights. This bill requires “real patriots” to always carry one or more firearms, even when showering.

How to Speak Like an Art Expert (in Seven Easy Lessons)

Sign up for our offer, and you will be considered a cognoscente of painting, classical music, opera, literature, poetry and theatre, while remaining ignorant of these subjects. But you must act now. We have only a few openings left.

The CEO Scam: A System Built to Over-Pay the .01 Percent

Last year, CEO pay jumped 14.1% for these CEOs while their median workers got a meager 1.9 %. The ratio of CEO pay to that of the median employee in this group was 274, as compared to 26 in 1978. That ratio is 4.6 at America’s most respected institution, the U.S. Military.

How to fight the Hackers? Subject ’em to Tech Support!

“Freezings, unexplained terminations and WI-FI disconnections enhance the enemy’s feeling of hopelessness and impotence. We then precipitate paroxysms of rage by randomly posting undecipherable screen messages."

Why Congress Shows Lovin’ on America’s Most-Respected Institution

Sample testimony: “General, the other party makes insinuations that our heroic military has won only one of the last five wars it fought. This is fake news!. Have they forgotten our glorious victory in Grenada?"

Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates Walk into a Bar…

Back in the 70s, Seattleites regarded humor much as New Yorkers regarded hiking. They understood that some people enjoyed it, wondered if they should try it, but didn’t know what equipment they needed.

Holy Florida Congressman, Batman!

“Consider Matt Gaetz’s contrived, counterfeit smile. He stole that directly from The Joker. Look at them side by side. The same maniacal face. The same evil grin,” said a spokesperson for Warner Brothers, the owner of DC Comics.

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