Dan Chasan

Judge: Sustainable Salmon Harvest isn’t Sustainable

Threatened Chinook salmon from the Snake River, Puget Sound, the upper Willamette River, and the lower Columbia all swim north along the coast to Southeast Alaska, where they are caught by Alaskan trollers.

Reform the Supreme Court? Heh! A Classic Catch-22

What are the chances of getting enough votes for any sensible reform?  And if Congress now or after the mid-terms actually coalesced around changing the Court, should we be encouraged or scared?

Glimmers: Some Hope for a Solution for Northwest Dams?

People who have been working for years to get rid of those dams see this as a unique – but narrow – window. 

The Stones and Me: Close Encounters with Erratics

I like the idea of them as leftovers from the last ice age.  And I like coming upon the objects in places where I don’t expect to find them,

Duwamish Tribe Sues for Recognition

At its core, this is a conflict over not only material benefits or retroactive justice (which may be an oxymoron) but also over history. 

How the Supreme Court Lost the People’s Confidence

"If people do lose – or have already lost – confidence in the Supreme Court, the new majority has no one to blame but itself."

Why the Challenge to Seattle’s Payroll Tax will Fail (and Should Fail)

To say the appellate judges seemed skeptical about the Chamber’s legal challenge would be an understatement.

War Crimes Trials are for Losers: Why Holding Putin Accountable is a Long-Shot

Justice for war crimes is an issue that goes beyond the practical difficulty of arresting a head of state in his own country.

Why Time is Running Out for Universities to Practice Affirmative Action Admissions

Washington voters have had two cracks at affirmative action, and have rejected it both times. And don't expect affirmative action to survive this SCOTUS term.

Punish the Liars? Would Inslee’s Proposed Bill Have been Legal?

Well-intentioned or not, would Inslee's anti-lying bill have been constitutional?  Maybe.