Eric Redman

Eric (Ric) Redman, a Seattle lawyer and climate consultant, is the author of the nonfiction bestseller, "The Dance of Legislation," and the forthcoming murder mystery, "The Bones of Hilo."

Warren Magnuson’s Legacy is Instructive: The US Senate in 1970 Versus Now

Of things accomplished and the nature of political rivalries.

That’ll Never Sell! (Why You Still Shouldn’t Judge a Book by its Cover)

A naked woman on the cover? I said to myself.  This won’t be appearing in bookstores.

Post Alley Excerpt: Seattle Author Eric Redman’s New Mystery “Bones of Hilo”

Kawika Wong, the young Hawaiian detective who is the focus of Eric Redman’s newly published mystery “Bones of Hilo,” encounters players whose strange or extreme behavior at once creates suspicion and distractions.

Mystery: Did the Navy Dump Nuclear Waste off the Northwest Coast?

Years ago, I stumbled onto the disturbing possibility that the Navy had dumped spent nuclear material in the ocean off the coast of Washington and Oregon. Over the past five decades, the story has played out in fascinating ways for me, however well-known the truth may be to the Navy, Members of Congress, and — as I relate here — unexpected others.