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Linda Kramer Jenning

Linda Kramer Jenning is an independent journalist who moved to Bainbridge Island after several decades reporting from Washington, D.C. She taught journalism at Georgetown University and is former Washington editor of Glamour.

Impeach Trump: Thank Joe

If not for Vice President Joe Biden, it would be much quieter these days in our nation’s capital. We wouldn’t have had...

How Many Carbs In Today’s News?

Most of us have learned to read the label when we buy food. We check the amount of calories, carbs or sugar before deciding what to eat. Why don’t we do the same with news?

Low Pay and No Say: Why Seattle Journalists Are Unionizing

Journalists tend to see themselves as creatives, closer in vocation to artists than to the Teamsters or United Mine Workers. They are anti-authoritarian and don’t consider most editors to be smarter or wiser or more talented. So why are Seattle journalists unionizing?

So You Think Local Newspapers No Longer Matter?

A study found that "despite the economic hardships that local newspapers have endured, they remain, by far, the most significant providers of journalism in their communities.

Is Washington Good for Women?

The overall best state for women's rights is Maine. That's according to a study released this week to mark the 99th anniversary of the adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment giving women the vote.

Rebound Candidates: Will Past Defeat Help Tammy Morales?

The second time around, she comes armed with the experience she gained in the first race along with the valuable networks she built.

Two Nights and Six Women Candidates: That’s Historic

We are not yet post gender. But watching three women presidential hopefuls in each of the debates helped normalize their presence and that makes it difficult to...

Dem Debate 1

Chew toy proves more interesting than debate. Quick takes on the first debate which made history when three women stepped on stage.

Pols Take On Press

Guess Who Won? Presidential hopeful Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York throws a softball. Photo by Jeff Malet. Republicans and Democrats playing...

How The Washington Post Sees Seattle

Today’s front page of The Washington Post (print edition) runs a story with the headline “After war on drugs, Seattle tries 'peace'." It chronicles the city's innovative approach of...

Latest Post Alley Posts

I-5 Seattle Mess: Don’t Just Lid It

“The execution of I-5 was a mistake. The challenge before us is to maintain the vital connection I-5 provides, but also heal the damage [on Seattle] its construction inflicted.”

Baby Steps Toward a Regional Approach to Homelessness

The Seattle region has long been, as with Los Angeles, virtually immune to regional governance. Accordingly, these baby steps have been fraught.

At the Grassroots Level, Unlike in DC, Political Reform Is Taking Hold

Steadily growing and idealistically motivated, the movement has the potential of being as important in reforming politics as the Progressive movement was in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Impeach Trump: Thank Joe

If not for Vice President Joe Biden, it would be much quieter these days in our nation’s...

Books: A New Crime Blogger In Town

You can practically smell the salty tang in the air and taste the coffee in one of the author's favorite cafes. It's a promising debut.