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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Linda Kramer Jenning

Linda Kramer Jenning is an independent journalist who moved to Bainbridge Island after several decades reporting from Washington, D.C. She taught journalism at Georgetown University and is former Washington editor of Glamour.

What Would Don Draper Do? Advertising’s Pandemic Pivot

With an alacrity I hadn’t anticipated, today’s “Mad Men” are daily pushing out new ads tied to life as we now know it. This pandemic pivot in sales pitches highlights that we still have a robust creative sector hard at work to persuade us to buy things (whether we need them is a separate question).

Thanks, Linda Tripp!

Yes, I owe a thank you to Linda Tripp. And it has nothing to do with how she recorded calls with Monica...

Running for Office When the World is Shut Down: How One Candidate Is Adapting

For candidates running in the time of pandemic, whether it’s Joe Biden seeking to unseat Donald Trump, or a 37-year-old Seattle woman seeking office for the first time, the playbook of how to get elected has changed in ways nobody ever envisioned.

Dept. Of Awards & Accolades – Why Honor Melania Trump?

I find it difficult to celebrate Melania Trump bringing "awareness to issues that impact children's lives" when I look at how her spouse's policies have harmed so many children, like those separated from their desperate parents.

Election 2020: We’re Still Asking Who Gets to Vote

Today, we are seeing a growing new wave of voter suppression. States, usually those with a history of voter discrimination, are aggressively purging voter registrations and passing laws imposing new voting restrictions such as requiring voters to show forms of government identification that too often people of color, young people and other underrepresented groups might not possess.

Will Older Women Pick the Next President?

A new poll published by AARP found that women over 50 are poised to have a decisive voice in choosing our next president because 95 percent of them plan to vote.

2020: Women Have Forever Changed Presidential Politics

The bonanza of women that sought the Democratic nomination this cycle reflects the increase in women running for office at all levels. Not only did a record number of women win election to Congress in 2018, but a growing number of those who lost that race already have filed to run again.

Impeach Trump: Thank Joe

If not for Vice President Joe Biden, it would be much quieter these days in our nation’s capital. We wouldn’t have had...

How Many Carbs In Today’s News?

Most of us have learned to read the label when we buy food. We check the amount of calories, carbs or sugar before deciding what to eat. Why don’t we do the same with news?

Low Pay and No Say: Why Seattle Journalists Are Unionizing

Journalists tend to see themselves as creatives, closer in vocation to artists than to the Teamsters or United Mine Workers. They are anti-authoritarian and don’t consider most editors to be smarter or wiser or more talented. So why are Seattle journalists unionizing?

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Godden on West Seattle: Bring Back the Mosquito Fleet? (and other news)

A new way to get off West Seattle, and a local city's leg-pulling twitter site.

Take Back the Streets: Remaking Seattle As ‘The Outdoors City’

Restaurants are reinventing themselves in this way, knowing that eating outdoors is healthier for resisting transmission of the coronavirus. Might Seattle reinvent itself broadly as an outdoors city, despite the mild and rainy winters?

Coming Up: Live Zoomcast with Mort Kondracke And David Domke on Election 2020

Mort Kondracke Folio: The Seattle Athenaeum, a nonprofit membership library in the Pike Place Market, is launching a...

Early Handicapping 2020 Washington State Elections

Until very recently the King County suburbs were the state’s main battleground. Now the swing districts are in Pierce, Mason, Clark, Cowlitz, Skagit, Island, and Whatcom counties. There are ZERO competitive partisan races in King County this year.

Northeastern Oregon, Where Wearing Masks is a Signal

The wearing and non-wearing of masks serves as a convenient statement in this rural county. Wearing one in town I definitely felt like I was signaling my tribal identity, which seems crazy, but there it is."