Linda Kramer Jenning

Linda Kramer Jenning is an independent journalist who moved to Bainbridge Island after several decades reporting from Washington, D.C. She taught journalism at Georgetown University and is former Washington editor of Glamour.

Two State Reps Share Troubled Pasts

“If we could incarcerate our way out of the substance use disorder, we could have done that by the amount of people we have arrested and incarcerated over the last 30 years. It hasn’t resulted in an end to this epidemic."

Clark Kent in Peril

At Post Alley, we don’t have press passes. And these days, I might hesitate to wear one if offered. I’m still proud to be a journalist, but the once-coveted pass has become more of a bullseye than an asset.

A Bainbridge Bellwether?

Like many Post Alley readers, I let out a tentative sigh of relief as election results rolled in last week. Voters in Ohio voted to amend their state constitution...

Future Tense: Our (Enduring) Childcare Crisis

It is not work that produces a marketable product like designing a new app or building widgets or whatever. It is work that invests in the future.

Sooo Bainbridge: Recycling to Save the Planet

I have found that in the interest of saving the planet from plastic waste, these days it’s best to take a backpack.

2022: Trends in How We Consume News, Pay for Things

The Pew Research Center's findings always help me better understand our world and what to worry about or celebrate as we start a new year.

Nancy Pelosi’s Lasting Gift

When I was a little girl, I rarely saw a woman in power. The lawmakers I saw on the news were all men and the newscasters presenting the news were all men.

What are You Having for Dinner Tonight? Here’s Tonight’s White House State Dinner Menu

We might possibly be the country that invented brown bag lunches, but we also can set a good table.

2022 Midterms: Year of the Woman? (Not Really)

With a few races still too close to call, the Center for American Women and Politics expects the number of women serving in Congress to fall from 147 to 145 or 27.1 percent.

Unruly Planet: How to Not Let the Climate Crisis Totally Depress You

Madeline Ostrander, a Seattle science journalist, doesn’t soft peddle the climate trends that make us all feel on the edge of doom.