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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Linda Kramer Jenning

Linda Kramer Jenning is an independent journalist who moved to Bainbridge Island after several decades reporting from Washington, D.C. She taught journalism at Georgetown University and is former Washington editor of Glamour.

Two Nights and Six Women Candidates: That’s Historic

We are not yet post gender. But watching three women presidential hopefuls in each of the debates helped normalize their presence and that makes it difficult to...

Dem Debate 1

Chew toy proves more interesting than debate. Quick takes on the first debate which made history when three women stepped on stage.

Pols Take On Press

Guess Who Won? Presidential hopeful Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York throws a softball. Photo by Jeff Malet. Republicans and Democrats playing...

How The Washington Post Sees Seattle

Today’s front page of The Washington Post (print edition) runs a story with the headline “After war on drugs, Seattle tries 'peace'." It chronicles the city's innovative approach of...

Are Elected Women Better At Playing Ball?

DC's Field of Bipartisan Dreams https://www.congwomensoftball.org/ Amid the rancor and dysfunction of Congress these days, one bright spot of bipartisan...

High on Death

Willie Nelson famously crooned, "roll me up and smoke me when I die." Maybe the 86-year-old legend should move to Washington state. On May 20,...

Latest Post Alley Posts

Overtime pay for arts workers: the debate continues

"I believe that if right now there is a huge increase in salaries forced by the government, the organization I know best will have to do the very thing that will kill it: cut its quality."

Exploring the Guns-Race Connection

It’s no wonder that gun rights, racism, white nationalism and issues of masculinity continue to swirl together in a toxic brew.

Hip Portland Confronts Its Nihilists

Portland has not become a micro version of Hong Kong; most of the activity is not directed against a repressive government. It’s primarily a staged event for social media, used to recruit for a motley assortment of fascists and white nationalists on the right and masked and violence-prone pushback on the left.

REVIEW: “Seattle’s Medic One: How We Don’t Die”

Before Medic One, Seattle firefighters had responded to thousands of medical emergencies. But residents needed a faster and more effective life-saving service regardless of their location or ability to pay, and there needed to be an equitable way to cover the costs of this new service.

Two Writers: One Bernadette

If ever a film was sure to raise cries of “It’s not like the book,” Where’d You Go, Bernadette? is that film.