Art Thiel

Art Thiel is a longtime sports columnist in Seattle, for many years at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and now as founding editor at

Husky Perfection: That’s University of Wallenda Football

What the Huskies have done is Marvel Comics movie-grade preposterous.

Seahawks @Midseason: My Kingdom For an Offensive Line

A glance at the results from the season's first half suggests that being tied for first in the NFC West with the 49ers is not what it seems.

The 54-Percent Path to Mariners Excellence: For the 47th time, a Seattle-free World Series

For the sport's only franchise that has never been to the World Series, asking for more patience after 47 years -- and in light of being leapfrogged by the formerly woebegone Rangers -- is the most misguided Mariners statement since former owner Jeff Smulyan said in 1992, "(Bankers) have concluded this isn't a viable business."

Leave the Cudgelings, Caterwauls and Condemnations of College Sports Behind. It’s Huskies-Ducks!

The football game at Husky Stadium Saturday is of sufficient magnitude and pulchritude to make it easy to look away from the business detritus, which includes the imminent expiration of the Pac-12 Conference. This breakthrough moment is what longtime sports fans used to call fun.

Raleigh was Right: Is Mariners Management Committed to Winning?

Cal Raleigh's pain was emotional, daring to question whether the commitment to winning among management and ownership was as sincere as what he felt in the clubhouse after three consecutive regular season win totals of 90, 90 and 88.

WSU Coach says the Quiet Part Out Loud: The PAC-2’s Orphan Bowl and ESPN

“It’s well documented what ESPN has done to try and get our league into where it’s at,” said Coach Dickert, offering out loud the part never addressed by insiders -- the Disney-owned network dictates terms and conditions for nearly everything in the industry.

Standing Up Floating Across the Roof of the World

Because he has a passion for the Arctic and a capacity for epic endurance, Kruger came upon a novel way to experience both. Over the past two summers, through some of Earth's most remote wilderness, he has paddled west to east atop the Arctic Ocean nearly 1,000 miles. Alone. No support boat. Few contacts with humans, and almost no chance for rescue in the event of, say, walrus.

Why USC Poached UW’s Jen Cohen (It’s all about the Coach)(and the Money, of Course)

In her seven-year tenure as top Dawg, Cohen made one good football coaching hire -- Kalen DeBoer, the current Huskies coach. Suddenly, she is golden. But until DeBoer delivered an 11-2 record in his rookie year at Montlake, she was a muddle in the middle of the college football industry's hierarchy.

College Football is in Full Conflagration: We Need a New National Model

Those who care about college football need to get their collective swerve on and demand swift demolition and rapid national reformation.

Why the PAC-12 is Doomed: Streamageddon

Since the mid-1980s, major college athletic departments were awash in revenues from the innovation of cable TV and its ravenous need for content to fill the 500-channel universe (remember that trope?). But these days, cable TV is shriveling, thanks to the latest innovation, streaming.