Art Thiel

Art Thiel is a longtime sports columnist in Seattle, for many years at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and now as founding editor at

Russ is Cooked. Geno’s on Fire. And Pete? Feelin’ Fine!

Things can change quickly. What can't change is the fact that the Seahawks have eight games of proof that their offense is better without Wilson.

The Longest Game: Mariners Trickle out of the Playoffs

The excruciating 21-year wait to return to the postseason ended in an even more excruciating manner -- a six-hour, 22-minute molar-grinder against the American League's best team that had enough shoulda-woulda-coulda to displace all the water in Puget Sound.

Chaos Ball: Seattle Mariners’ Unlikely Success puts a Tiny Tear in the Space-Time Continuum

As Philadelphia Inquirer columnist David Murphy described it: “Watching playoff baseball is like watching a loved one defuse a bomb.”

Masterclass in Futility: Looking Back at the Mariners’ Sordid Early Annals of Ennui

Fourteen years to .500, 21 years between playoffs. If you are a non-baseball fan, look upon your overwrought Mariners-loving friends and family with compassion.

Geno Versus Russ… and the Seahawks Upset Denver

“Geno was the best he’s ever been,” said Pete Carroll. “He was ready for this game.” Said Smith: “People wrote me off. I didn’t write back.”

The Seahawks Game that Broke Wilson and Carroll

Russell Wilson didn’t want to be here. Pete Carroll didn’t want him to be here. Simple.

Bolting for the Bigs: USC, UCLA Abandon PAC-12 for Big Ten (UW Next?)

It’s official now that the industry has fallen off the edge of the flat Earth propped so long by the mythology of amateurism.

Why Pete Carroll Thinks he can Punch the NFL in the Nose

Carroll’s emphasis on the run is neither wrong nor hopeless; it helped get the Seahawks to two Super Bowls. But the system takes better players to execute it than he and Schneider had provided since then. Until, perhaps, now.

Russell Versus the Seahawks: Dueling Press Conferences and Enough Blame to go Around

Wilson and Carroll were dug in hard on damage control regarding the steaming crater in the Seahawks' roster, true feelings disguised by the polite prevarications and mendacity that attended the run-up to the trade.

#2. Blockbuster Deal(s): Russell Wilson to Denver, Seahawks Sale Next

The writing has been on the wall for this moment. The Seahawks were forced to do the forbidden thing in the NFL: they traded a Hall of Fame quarterback with tread on his tires.