Dick Clever

Dick Clever worked at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Seattle Times, the Skagit Valley Herald, and, of course, the Seattle Sun.

What Made Maui so Vulnerable to Fire?

The original sin, according to some Hawaiian activists, was committed by the “colonialists,” including the sanctimonious New England missionaries whose descendants prospered mightily from sugarcane.

Aloha Lahaina

A hellacious, killer wildfire was not high on Hawaii’s list of expected alarms. But, as in many other emergency situations over time, the islands residents would realize, too late, what had led to the terrible events of August 8.

Taking Little Things and Making Them Better: Remembering Alec Fisken

Fisken was a unique combination of banker, reformer, fiscal conservative, author, and humanitarian. He was a most useful citizen who tried, in his lifetime, to make things better for people.