Carol J Williams

Carol J. Williams is a retired foreign correspondent with 30 years' reporting abroad for the Los Angeles Times and Associated Press. She has reported from more than 80 countries, with a focus on USSR/Russia and Eastern Europe.

Taiwan: What China’s Xi has Learned from Putin’s War on Ukraine

Xi and Putin speak in the same imperialist language about the historical bonds and blood ties with their coveted territories. They pursue the same legacy of greatest leader of all time.

Ukraine End Game: A Stalemate Between Peace and Justice?

How will the war end? The answer is a debate that divides into two conflicting strategies of seeking “peace” or demanding “justice,”

Neutrality has Outlived its Usefulness: Finland and Sweden Pick a Side

Finland and Sweden announced Sunday their intentions to apply for NATO membership, moves that represent a seismic shift in European security policy on Russia.

Putin Whiffs at Victory Parade: Reality’s a Bitch

Any claim to have achieved Kremlin objectives of uniting Ukrainian regions seized eight years ago would have been difficult to substantiate.

Exit Stage West: A Ukrainian Soprano’s Escape

“My situation is not tragic. I don’t consider myself a refugee,” Anna Bondarenko told me over dinner in a cozy bistro in central Vienna.

Macron’s Re-Election Makes Him Europe’s New De Facto Leader

Mr. Macron won, yes. But France is still in trouble. However his is the last best hope for a unified European voice and strategy for halting Putin’s upending of the world order.

Alas, Little Chance of Canceling Putin (For Now)

The stark reality of Russian domestic support in the face of unspeakable brutality and tens of thousands killed on both sides begs the question of what it will take to turn Russians against the war and its Kremlin instigator. 

The Ambassador Recalled: Marie Yovanovitch’s Warnings on Ukraine

The United States lost an honest and dedicated representative of our democracy when Trump deposed her for standing up for what is right.

Longtime Putin Watcher: This will only End Badly

He’s neither insane nor suicidal, just determined to go down in history as the leader who restored Russia’s imperial glory, whatever the cost to his own country. I hope I’m wrong about this.

Putin’s Blueprint to Autocracy (And a Warning to America)

Putin has unchecked power after 22 years in the Kremlin during which he systematically dismantled institutions essential to freedom from tyranny.

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