Ted Olinger

Ted Olinger is an award-winning writer and associate editor of the Key Peninsula News.

K9 Rescue in Ukraine: A Northwest Volunteer Returns

"I was talking to the neighbor, and we could hear a rocket whistle. When you hear the whistles, then at least you know it’s going somewhere else, not right on top of you. It hit the block behind us.”

Still Resonating: “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”

Malcolm speaks to us directly in the same powerful, raw language that made him a proud militant, describing his upbringing, his crimes, his bigotry and misogyny, and his evolution into a human rights activist.

Univeral Truth in a Christmas Souffle

There was only one way, one truth, and there were no “lies” you could tell a soufflé that would not fail to betray its integrity or your own..

Fevered Dreams of the Holy Land

“Historically, the occupier of Palestine has always met disaster, beginning with the Jews themselves,” Barbara Tuchman begins. “The country’s political geography has conquered its rulers.”

Measuring up to James Agee’s ‘Let Us Now Praise Famous Men’

James Agee suspects we are unworthy of reading his book, just as he suspects himself unworthy of writing it. He does not allow us to meet a single member of his families until a third of the way through.

The Freedom to Speak, A History

Author Jacob Mchangama takes the reader on an eye-opening tour of the relentless demands on conscience of free speech.

Rescuing Animals in Ukraine

Tom Bates drives about 10,000 kilometers a month. He has a few regular stops and warehouses between Kyiv, where donations arrive, and the Donetsk region in the east. “I travel around to Dnipro, along the Dnieper River, to Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Bakhmut when we could. There’s a lot of action on that eastern front.”

Gig Harbor Sailor: A Second Solo Circumnavigation Around the World

His wife says, "If Erden dies at sea, well, that’s always been a possibility. But if he doesn’t do it I wouldn’t want to live with him because he’d be miserable and obsessed in a different way." Eruc belongs to "the tribe of restless souls."

There’s a Word for That: ‘The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows’

This dictionary is a collection of invented words defining emotions many of us may have experienced but never thought to define or thought could be defined — our obscure sorrows — by turns light-hearted or tragic, and always poignant.

American History Through Indigenous Eyes

“To say that the United States is a colonialist settler-state is not to make an accusation but rather to face historical reality, without which consideration, not much in U.S. history makes sense, unless Indigenous peoples are erased.”