Steve Murch

Steve’s a Seattle-based entrepreneur and software leader and father of three. He’s half Canadian, and east-coast born and raised. Steve has made the Pacific Northwest his home since 1991, when he moved here to work for Microsoft. He’s started and sold multiple Internet companies. Politically independent, he writes on occasion about city politics and national issues, and created Alignvote in the 2019 election cycle. He holds a BS in Applied Math (Computer Science) and Business from Carnegie Mellon University, a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Steve volunteers when time allows with Habitat for Humanity, University District Food Bank, Technology Access Foundation (TAF) and other organizations in Seattle. More of his writings can be found at

Financial Systems Come for Your Free Expression: Don’t let them.

While there isn’t yet any grand advance design of a social credit system along the lines of the Chinese Communist Party, I cannot help but worry that we are assembling the ideal toolset for ideological enforcement.

Recession By Any Other Name…

We should recognize that this is likely to be a recession with very unique characteristics, and won’t be easily mapped to recent ones.

Pull Lever, Break Glass: Hey Washington, How’s your State of Emergency Going?

In what kind of Emergency do we shut down reporting of detailed hospitalization trends?

All A-Twitter: What’s Musk’s Move?

Elon Musk is nothing if not bold. He has risked substantial sums and bet boldly on multiple ventures in the past.

We Need to Talk About a Crisis for Young American Men

It should be possible to discuss the worrying trends without setting off bad-faith conversation about “what this really means.”

Do We Need a Voice of America 2.0?

Food for thought: is there a more effective way to leverage the enormous reach of digital media companies in time of conflict?

The Global Click: Wars on Screens

Something about the use of social media in Russia's invasion of Ukraine feels big and new. The scope is larger, the stakes are higher, and this conflict is already far more participatory from major segments of society.

Optimism, Collaboration. A Good Place to Start

His speech outlined his vision: "One Seattle," and named many priorities and goals. As an opening salvo, it's useful for him to broadcast that his goal, at least, an...

2022: Four Technologies to Give You Hope for the World

Optimism is the fuel that powers our vision and aspirations.

Done: Why I’m Leaving Facebook

One of my personal goals has been to write more. But more than once, my wife gently asked me “Um, why are you down in your office, replying to yourself on Facebook?”