Mike James

Mike James was a long-time anchor newscaster at KING TV.

Out from Under a Rock: The Need to Read About the KKK

There’s no amusement in these readings, but in a time of ever-rising misinformation and political division, of lies passing as truth, they are essential.

Suggestions Aren’t Working…

I’d recommend to the naysayers a short walk of their own — to see the folks who need help sprawled out, vacant-eyed in door fronts and alleys, to see the straws and folded foil used to suck in the fentanyl, to watch the money taken by the peddlers of this poison.

A Civil War in Words

On any given day, reading the print or watching the screen, we may wonder at the performative absurdities of a Marjorie Taylor Greene — her latest a scream against...

Remembering Jim Compton

In a few days in any newsroom, you know the one with the talent, the gift, the way to find and tell a story that means something.  Jim was that one.  And he shared, always.

State of the Union: The Best of Joe

He had an energy, a fire tonight we rarely see in Biden, but it was there as he talked about 12 million new jobs, the lowest unemployment rate in decades, Medicare finally gaining the right to negotiate drug prices.

Testing the Democratic Experiment

Reading through Francis Fukuyama’s book, Liberalism and Its Discontents, I found it more timely than I expected, given the running test - almost daily - of our democratic experiment....

Baseball on the Clock? Er… No!

Just don’t mess with my favorite game.

Picasso’s “Mad Pictures”

Picasso's challenging his art, and the work of so many avant-garde contemporaries, finally found a place in American culture.

And All is Revealed: Of Course Let’s Rip up the Constitution

Screaming again about a “stolen election,” reveals everything about his maniacal ego, his disregard for history, his disdain for truth, his rejection of American values.

King County Buses are Turning into Rolling Homeless Shelters

The Metro bus driver was furious when a back seat camper urinated on the floor of the back door.