Mike James

Mike James was a long-time anchor newscaster at KING TV.

“Rustin”: Bayard Rustin and MLK’s Most Important Speech

“Rustin” captures the energy, the singular focus that made the ‘63 March a signal moment in our history, but you come away too remembering the dominating performance of Colman Domingo as Rustin.

On the Front Lines of Who Gets to Rent

The court's split decision, in effect, means that landlords can inquire about criminal backgrounds, but may not act on them to deny prospective tenants.

Boeing: Still Flying Blind

Boeing is a different company after several mergers and a shift to elevating stock price and lowering costs of production. Gone is the older culture that had built the company and its reputation, "I'm not going if it's not Boeing."

Rachel Maddow at Town Hall: A Prequel to What?

Authoritarianism, wherever it lives, contains similar characteristics — threats of violence, scapegoating, and conspiracies, undermining of voting rights and confidence in election outcomes, and blindness to truth by attacking experts.

Heather Cox Richardson: Could America Survive Another Trump Presidency?

Asked directly if democracy itself would survive another Trump presidency, she answered no, in part because of his announced plans to end civil service protections -- what she calls the essential ballast in a democracy.

Trapped in a Failing Status Quo

Even with someone new at the mayoral desk, there’s no significant shift away from a failing status quo. Why not at least try something different?

Seattle City Council: How to Complicate Downtown Disorder

The latest tangle of words comes from Councilmembers Andrew Lewis and Lisa Herbold who want exceptions that - let’s be clear - will essentially mean no change at all.

One of the Films of a Lifetime

Don’t miss it — "Oppenheimer" is film and history sounding a warning bell that rings with ominous power.

Out from Under a Rock: The Need to Read About the KKK

There’s no amusement in these readings, but in a time of ever-rising misinformation and political division, of lies passing as truth, they are essential.

Suggestions Aren’t Working…

I’d recommend to the naysayers a short walk of their own — to see the folks who need help sprawled out, vacant-eyed in door fronts and alleys, to see the straws and folded foil used to suck in the fentanyl, to watch the money taken by the peddlers of this poison.