Mike James

Mike James was a long-time anchor newscaster at KING TV.

Light Against the Dark: The Faces of Fanaticism

Reflections on the torn faces of survivors of the terrorist attack in Paris. One says, "I made it out alive, but now I am dead among the living."

Sobering Up After an Awful Election Night

Sometimes insisting — see Manchin/AOC/Jayapal -- on too much means delay, an image of incompetence, an erosion of public trust. Political purity comes with a cost.

Downtown Seattle: a Tale of Two Cities

I don’t know whether any candidate elected now or in elections to come can find a path that both restores our streets, allows still boarded-up shops to open again, and gives meaningful help to those in the alleys and storefronts along the street.

Mayoral Candidate Debate on Homelessness Illustrates Differences

I doubt any votes shifted after last night's virtual debate face-off on homelessness between mayoral candidates Lorena Gonzalez and Bruce Harrell.

Moving On: Charter Amendment Failure Puts Responsibility Back Where it Should Be

The ball is back where it should be - on those holding office now and those we elect in November, to create a workable strategy to reach those goals.

Guns. Again.

One grim certainty from these mass shootings: gun sales will spike right after the tragedy.

Seattle Parks: Where’s the Urgency?

Given the challenge, tents everywhere in parks throughout the city, a sense of resignation was not surprising. But there are fixes and many other cities have found them.

Seattle Youth Symphony: What Building Back Better Sounds Like

Last March the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra – one of the country’s leading training grounds for young musicians – was rehearsing for a spring concert. Kathleen Allen, SYSO’s executive...

The Shock of the Trial, the Shock of 43 Senators

The duty of those 43 senators was to the democratic values that sustain us and keep alive the American dream. The 43 senators failed.

Go to Video: The Ferocity of the Mob

We saw mob insolence perhaps never seen so nakedly.

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