Mike James

Mike James was a long-time anchor newscaster at KING TV.

We Hereby Refuse: The Japanese American Incarceration

The intent is to put the resisters back into the story, to remember the resistance as a legitimate response to injustice, to an unconstitutional incarceration.

“A Bundle of Ideas”: Acting Chief Adrian Diaz Talks Reforms

Diaz sees the various crises as an opportunity, a good time to make change and to rethink policing by challenging the status quo of policing.

Seattle Church Closure Provokes Pushback

"Aroused by the looming threat of closure, the wider community organized, filling the church hall that night to confront Auxiliary Bishop Eusebio Elizondo."

Another Shooting, Another Store Closes

"The streets of downtown have been abandoned by government and handed over to criminal activity.” 

Casa Italiana: “A Place of our Own”

At Casa now, 92 years after its first incarnation, it’s finally avanti tutta! Full speed ahead.

Setting the Tone: The “And” Speech

He signaled the message from last November’s election, that the “status quo is unacceptable,” that going back to basics is where good governance begins.

Seattle’s Third Avenue: Raw and Suffering

A "crime free-for-all."

What Happened to Facts-Checked Journalism?

It is no joke, but rather a profound danger to our democratic character and destiny and the future of journalism.

Light Against the Dark: The Faces of Fanaticism

Reflections on the torn faces of survivors of the terrorist attack in Paris. One says, "I made it out alive, but now I am dead among the living."

Sobering Up After an Awful Election Night

Sometimes insisting — see Manchin/AOC/Jayapal -- on too much means delay, an image of incompetence, an erosion of public trust. Political purity comes with a cost.