Mike James

Mike James was a long-time anchor newscaster at KING TV.

Seattle’s Third Avenue: Raw and Suffering

A "crime free-for-all."

What Happened to Facts-Checked Journalism?

It is no joke, but rather a profound danger to our democratic character and destiny and the future of journalism.

Light Against the Dark: The Faces of Fanaticism

Reflections on the torn faces of survivors of the terrorist attack in Paris. One says, "I made it out alive, but now I am dead among the living."

Sobering Up After an Awful Election Night

Sometimes insisting — see Manchin/AOC/Jayapal -- on too much means delay, an image of incompetence, an erosion of public trust. Political purity comes with a cost.

Downtown Seattle: a Tale of Two Cities

I don’t know whether any candidate elected now or in elections to come can find a path that both restores our streets, allows still boarded-up shops to open again, and gives meaningful help to those in the alleys and storefronts along the street.

Mayoral Candidate Debate on Homelessness Illustrates Differences

I doubt any votes shifted after last night's virtual debate face-off on homelessness between mayoral candidates Lorena Gonzalez and Bruce Harrell.

Moving On: Charter Amendment Failure Puts Responsibility Back Where it Should Be

The ball is back where it should be - on those holding office now and those we elect in November, to create a workable strategy to reach those goals.

Guns. Again.

One grim certainty from these mass shootings: gun sales will spike right after the tragedy.

Seattle Parks: Where’s the Urgency?

Given the challenge, tents everywhere in parks throughout the city, a sense of resignation was not surprising. But there are fixes and many other cities have found them.

Seattle Youth Symphony: What Building Back Better Sounds Like

Last March the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra – one of the country’s leading training grounds for young musicians – was rehearsing for a spring concert. Kathleen Allen, SYSO’s executive...