Bubble Trouble: How Seattle’s Radical Left Grew and (Predictably) Got Whupped

The electorate wanted change and fresh ideas, as opposed to the performative ideological posturing and lockstep fidelity to the Twitter Left’s dittohead groupthink.

Day-After, Mixed Takeaways

Several citywide campaigns this year focused heavily on harvesting the four $25 coupons issued to every registered voter in Seattle. Two who did were soundly beaten by more conventional campaigns centered on direct mail and advertising.

Sobering Up After an Awful Election Night

Sometimes insisting — see Manchin/AOC/Jayapal -- on too much means delay, an image of incompetence, an erosion of public trust. Political purity comes with a cost.

It’s All About the Suburbs!

This drives Democrats crazy, but most suburbanites live paycheck to paycheck and have had to stretch to afford the mortgage on our house, so we do not want our taxes raised. And when you say you just want to tax “the rich,” we don’t believe you. Besides, we all want to be rich someday.

With Democracy on the Line, Democrats are Failing

Democrats should have learned a lesson from the 2020 Congressional races, in which they lost 13 House seats, largely because voters listened to GOP charges that Democrats were “radical socialists,” favored open borders and wanted to defund the police.

National Wave: Clear Messages for the Left

Seattle left/activist firebrand Robert Cruickshank Tweeted last night: “The results out of Seattle are bad. Not unsurprisingly so, but it’s bad and we progressives have a lot to fix.” No kidding.  But the local left is not introspective and loath to abandon its agenda. 

‘Fed-Ups’ Rout the ‘Riled-Ups’

Defunding the police turned into an exploding cigar, and even Minneapolis voters rejected replacing the Police Department by 58-42. But good luck luring and confirming a strong leader as Seattle's police chief.