Sandeep Kaushik

Sandeep Kaushik is a political and public affairs consultant in Seattle. In a previous life, he was a staff writer and political columnist at the Stranger, and did a stint as a Washington State correspondent for Time Magazine and for the Boston Globe, back in the olden days when such positions still existed.

Some Historical Perspective: Why Is Terrorism Cool Again?

In the mid-‘70s, there were more than 50 bombings per year in the US; globally, there was an airline hijacking or bombing about once a month(!).

Seven Takeaways from Last Night’s Republican Debate: The Clown Car Sans Bozo

Eight clowns entered and eight clowns exited two hours later. In the interim, there were stretches of boredom punctuated by regular descents into the hyperpolarized subterranean crazy (where so many Republicans live in these MAGA days), and by a few sharp, revealing, and somewhat entertaining exchanges.

Backlash? What Backlash? Seattle Primary Voters Speak

The outcomes of the primary races mostly played out as expected. The basic pattern of Seattle municipal politics has held: each race advanced has one finalist rooted more in the left lane, and the other in the more moderate lane.

You Should Collect Art

Because I genuinely believe that collecting art will enrich your life, whatever your circumstances, and because I’m getting paid to write this, I am going to convince you that it’s cool to buy and collect art.

Open Wound: January 6 in Stark Images

It’s not a job, it’s a personal passion, a compulsion to witness – and to capture – the good, the bad, and the beautiful ugly of American politics.

Local Polls and Tossed-Towels: Political Shift Toward Taxing the Very Rich

Most observers believed the battle was on, and that capital-gains-tax defenders were facing an uphill battle to preserve the tax. As it turns out, the pro-tax folks would end up winning the battle before it even started -- at least for now. 

The Midterms Are Shaping Up to Be a Bloodbath. It’s Seattle’s Fault.

I am increasingly dreading the upcoming November elections.

The Harrell Administration: Can you Feel the Love?

Harrell told the voters he would lead with love, and this speech demonstrated that he's dead serious about that. The question yet to be answered is whether that's going to be enough. 

Seattle Nice Podcast

PubliCola editor Erica C. Barnett and Post Alley writer and public affairs consultant Sandeep Kaushik, both former writers at the Stranger, dissect the Sawant recall.

Bubble Trouble: How Seattle’s Radical Left Grew and (Predictably) Got Whupped

The electorate wanted change and fresh ideas, as opposed to the performative ideological posturing and lockstep fidelity to the Twitter Left’s dittohead groupthink.