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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Sandeep Kaushik

Sandeep Kaushik is a political and public affairs consultant in Seattle. In a previous life, he was a staff writer and political columnist at the Stranger, and did a stint as a Washington State correspondent for Time Magazine and for the Boston Globe, back in the olden days when such positions still existed.

Should The Morrison Hotel Homeless Shelter Be Closed For Good?

In the Covid-19 era, can the traditional model of large shelters such as the Morrison Hotel survive?

New Poll: Washington State Residents Support State, Local Efforts to Contain Virus

Washington State voters see stark differences between the response of state and local government to the pandemic compared to the federal government’s response.

Understanding the Macroeconomic Impacts of the Coming COVID Depression

Lyn Alden Schwartzer provides the clearest explanation I've seen of how the current situation differs from previous economic shocks like the Great Depression and the Great Recession.

Elizabeth Warren’s Wounds: The Candidate Who Made Seattle Swoon

Yes, part of the answer is clearly that many voters have a double, and more critical, standard when it comes to female candidates, particularly ambitious, successful, middle-aged women. But that’s not the whole answer.

Did the Real Joe Biden Just Stand Up?

Biden's short 13 minute victory speech Saturday night in Charleston was not just good. It was great. Biden was forceful. He was confident.

Poll: Is Joe Biden Surging in South Carolina?

A new poll out of South Carolina this morning shows Joe Biden with a 20 point lead over Bernie Sanders in South Carolina.

A Brokered Convention? Maybe. But It Could Also Be Over By Super Tuesday

True, the Democratic voters are split, but a key factor is the requirement for candidates to cross a 15% viability threshold to get any delegates. So Bernie could clean up on Super Tuesday.

Bernie Won; He Has Bloomberg to Thank for It

Bloomberg is shaping up to be exactly what I suspected him to be from the moment he got in: a divisive spoiler candidate who will destroy any chances of the moderate progressive wing of the party to unify behind a single candidate.

A Few Takeaways from the (Partial) Iowa Caucus Results

The ongoing vote counting fiasco in Iowa, combined with the state's very white, wildly unrepresentative demographics and growing sentiment in the party that caucuses are inherently undemocratic compared to primaries, means that the calls to reform the system and strip the Iowa caucuses of their traditional first-in-the-nation status are sounding overwhelming.

Why You Should Care that Mike Bloomberg Will Spend $1 Billion on Failing to Get the Democratic Presidential Nomination

Mike Bloomberg is not going to be the next president of the United States. But his late entry into the Democratic nomination contest -- accompanied with an unprecedented television and digital advertising blitz -- may siphon enough votes from Joe Biden to make Sanders the Democratic nominee.

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Tuesday’s Primaries: The Berniecrats Go Down

The Asteroid issue failed to take off for one “Berniecrat” challenging a down-to-earth Washington congressman, as insurgencies from the left continued to fizzle in races for Congress.

The Virtual Meeting: What Works, What Doesn’t

Because life is not “normal,” we don’t have to do what we’ve always done. The quarantine is an opportunity to have more intentional social gatherings, which can only enhance our interactions, regardless if they take place virtually or in-person.

Chapters 20 &21: Café Campagna, and Viewpoint

“He wasn’t there. Hadn’t shown up and that surprised them all. I sat next to a woman, Rosalyn something or other, from his office, receptionist-administrative assistant, majordomo, sounds like. Going to these fundraisers and rubbing shoulders with political types at the boss’s expense seems to be a perk of the job at Carl Barclay Associates. Rosalyn said she’d talked to him before lunch and he was planning to be there.”

News or Views? Does anyone trust the media?

We want to trust the news media, but a new study finds we often don't.

Reading Signs Of Climate Change In The Pacific Northwest

The Quinault Nation is “geographically classified now as living below sea level” as stated in testimony to Congress by President Fawn Sharp . The tribe’s forced relocation due to rising sea level is eerily parallel with the legend of the Flood Tide Woman, who lead the First Nations Haida people to higher, safer ground.