Chris Vance

Former Washington State Republican lawmaker and State Party Chairman. Republican nominee for the US Senate in 2016. Now an independent.

Why Dan Evans Was a Successful Republican and How His Party Moved Away

Despite the years of bitter struggle, the differences between the Evans supporters and the Reaganites were really rather subtle.

Broke: Our Two-Party System has Failed

Republicans are a danger to democracy and the Constitution, yet Democrats seem unable or unwilling to unite behind a centrist agenda to stop them.

It’s All About the Suburbs!

This drives Democrats crazy, but most suburbanites live paycheck to paycheck and have had to stretch to afford the mortgage on our house, so we do not want our taxes raised. And when you say you just want to tax “the rich,” we don’t believe you. Besides, we all want to be rich someday.

A New Center-Right Party Shimmers into Position

The Republican Party has not exactly split – yet – but chunks of it are breaking off. This new center-right movement is a reality. But where does it go from here?

The Next Challenge to American Democracy

If the 2020 election results had matched the polling, Republicans would have suffered a comprehensive, crushing defeat that might have broken the fever of Trumpism and helped more traditional Republicans restore the GOP to sanity. Unfortunately, the polls were wrong again.

Impeachment Makes Clear: Time for a Trump-Free New Party

Many of us are in discussions about the possibility of creating a new party, or a new political faction.

Four Steps to Healing America after Trump

Suddenly there are Republican elected officials who seem willing to break with Trump and the base., perhaps even creating a new party.

Now it can be Told: Trump’s America-First is a Big Bust

The end of the cold war, and the painful Mideast wars which followed 9/11, caused many to question America’s defense and foreign policy, but now we have enough information to indicate that America First isolationism makes the world a more dangerous place.

If Trump Wins…

Trump probably cannot spell “authoritarianism,” much less define it. But he has the instincts of a wannabe Duce, and he has been running the authoritarian playbook since he took office.

Election Shows a Trumpified GOP and Democratic Civil War

The Republican base has been fully Trumpified. They seek out the most conservative candidates and reject anyone who defies Trumpist orthodoxy. There is no real battle now within the GOP.