Chris Vance

Former Washington State Republican lawmaker and State Party Chairman. Republican nominee for the US Senate in 2016. Now an independent.

The Party’s Over, Republicans

Sondland has destroyed every Republican line of defense.

Enough Stress Already!

Our system wasn’t designed to tolerate this level of partisan stress.  A system based on checks and balances, and dependent upon compromise, has no answer when faced...

Trump Could Win in 2020, but the GOP Is Losing Suburbs and Sinking Fast

That national Republican suburban collapse is driving politics here too. Since Trump became the face of the GOP, Republicans have lost 12 seats in Olympia, and one seat in Congress, all from suburban districts. That is likely to continue next year.

It’s Time to Modernize Our Broken American Political System

Article V of the Constitution allows the states to call a new convention to suggest amendments to our system. Given that most of the needed reforms will require a constitutional amendment, has the time come to use that power?

The Republican Defense of Trump Is Full of Holes

Trump has abused his public trust and has acted outside the proper performance of his duties. If this isn’t impeachable, nothing is.

Dem Debates: Intensifying the Civil War in the Democratic Party

The liberals gave as good as they got, blasting “corporate” Democrats who only want to make incremental change.

The G.O.P. Is Down and Out in Washington State. This Is Not Good.

A one-party political landscape isn't healthy, no matter which party it is. But our rigid adherence to the two-party system isn’t rational, so no serious alternative party is in the works, at least not yet.

Does Impeachment Make The End Of Our Two-Party System Inevitable?

There are two possible forms the new party system could take. Either dominance by a centrist Democratic party, or the emergence of a third major party that would stand between the newly socialist Democrats and Nationalist/Populist Republicans.

The Constitutional Case for Impeaching Trump Now

House Democrats, you have the power to maintain the relevance of the Constitution. Do your job. Do your duty.

The Great Realignment: Are You Ready For America’s Seventh Version Of Political Parties?

We live in historic times. Our system is being realigned as a seventh party system firms up. Republicans have chosen long term political suicide by alienating everyone other than their increasingly narrow base. The door is open for the Democrats.