Mike James

Mike James was a long-time anchor newscaster at KING TV.

Testing the Democratic Experiment

Reading through Francis Fukuyama’s book, Liberalism and Its Discontents, I found it more timely than I expected, given the running test - almost daily - of our democratic experiment....

Baseball on the Clock? Er… No!

Just don’t mess with my favorite game.

Picasso’s “Mad Pictures”

Picasso's challenging his art, and the work of so many avant-garde contemporaries, finally found a place in American culture.

And All is Revealed: Of Course Let’s Rip up the Constitution

Screaming again about a “stolen election,” reveals everything about his maniacal ego, his disregard for history, his disdain for truth, his rejection of American values.

King County Buses are Turning into Rolling Homeless Shelters

The Metro bus driver was furious when a back seat camper urinated on the floor of the back door.

Sandy Hook: An American Tragedy

Long past the daily headlines it's important, crucial, to rediscover the pain not only of lost children murdered in school classrooms, but the months and years after in the...

Why Downtown Seattle Is Still a Drug Supermarket

Selling the drug is a crime, a felony, but this too is seldom enforced because under the law, a seller must be caught in the act at least four times. 

We Hereby Refuse: The Japanese American Incarceration

The intent is to put the resisters back into the story, to remember the resistance as a legitimate response to injustice, to an unconstitutional incarceration.

“A Bundle of Ideas”: Acting Chief Adrian Diaz Talks Reforms

Diaz sees the various crises as an opportunity, a good time to make change and to rethink policing by challenging the status quo of policing.

Seattle Church Closure Provokes Pushback

"Aroused by the looming threat of closure, the wider community organized, filling the church hall that night to confront Auxiliary Bishop Eusebio Elizondo."