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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Kevin Schofield

Kevin is a city hall reporter and the founder of SCC Insight, a web site focused on providing independent news and analysis of the Seattle City Council and Seattle City Hall in general. In a previous life, he worked for 26 years in the tech industry in a variety of positions but most notably as the COO of the research division at Microsoft. Kevin volunteers at the Woodland Park Zoo, where he is also on the Board of Directors. He is also the Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Harvey Mudd College.

Seattle City Council’s Mad Rush to the Finish Line

We don't expect legislators to stop legislating in their final months in office, but under what circumstances are we comfortable with them dictating terms to their successors?

Understanding The “Broken Windows” Theory: a reading list

There's a popular saying in academic circles: ask ten professors a question, and you'll get twelve different answers. The research studies on "broken windows" raise this same frustration.

City Council moves to protect “soda tax” revenues, despite Mayor’s veto threat

The votes were the culmination of a months-long argument about how quickly to enforce restrictions on spending from the two taxes, and in particular the Sweetened Beverage Tax.

Seattle’s Troubled Soda Tax: Watch That Siphon

Earlier this month, the Seattle City Council met in committee to discuss the Sweetened Beverage Tax passed two years ago. At issue...

The “Point in Time” homeless count is (mostly) crap.

After spending three days going through the 2019 "Point in Time" report, I have come to the conclusion that not only is there little reason to believe the claim that homelessness decreased in King County, but there are also good reasons to view much of the data in the report with skepticism.

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