Kevin Schofield

Kevin is a city hall reporter and the founder of SCC Insight, a web site focused on providing independent news and analysis of the Seattle City Council and Seattle City Hall in general. In a previous life, he worked for 26 years in the tech industry in a variety of positions but most notably as the COO of the research division at Microsoft. Kevin volunteers at the Woodland Park Zoo, where he is also on the Board of Directors. He is also the Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Harvey Mudd College.

New Election Numbers are Definitive

The leads that all four maintain are now greater than the number of ballots remaining to be counted (about 6,800).

Measuring Seattle’s Soda Tax: This is Why That’s So Difficult

A few weeks ago the Seattle City Auditor issued a new evaluation report on the city’s Sweetened Beverage Tax, the latest (and perhaps the final) in a series since...

How the 2020 Census will change Seattle City Council Districts

District 7 will have to shed some territory, and the South End districts will have to shuffle voters. Nearly all the districts will have to change.

State Auditor: ‘Several Problems’ with Black Brilliance Contract

The State Auditor wrote: "in my view, the city exercised only the bare minimum of accountability and transparency in this matter."

Seattle Gets a Mixed Economic Forecast

Nationally office space vacancy rates are running a few percentage points higher than before the pandemic, but in Seattle and neighboring cities, it’s much worse.

Retain This: Lorena Gonzalez’s Brazen Deflection on Keeping Police Officers

When some city councilmembers praised Seattle Police for sticking with the job, Council President Gonzalez was having none of it.

Yay! Signs a Seattle Homelessness Program is Working (But Can we Believe the Report?)

Researcher and report author Katherine Beckett and her team were funded by several progressive nonprofits, including Blue Meridian Partners and UW's West Coast Poverty Center, to conduct an evaluation of the first six months of JustCARE's work. This week they issued their glowing, wholly uncritical, report on the program.

Has Hazard Pay for Grocery Workers Reached Its Pull Date?

Even if the hazard-pay measure is suspended, grocery stores will still be footing this bill until late August. The original bill, now under legal attack, stipulated that if pandemic cases dropped significantly, as they have, the bill would be reviewed.

A Spending Plan for Seattle’s $128 Million Federal COVID Funds

Among the criticisms of the spending plan: transportation gets a short end of the stick, and the money is spread thinly over a series of councilmembers' pet projects. All get a slice of the pie, but there are no big, transformative ideas.

City Hall’s Widening Public Records Problem, City Council Edition

It is well known (and hardly hidden) that Councilmember Sawant’s office staff does not use their “” accounts the vast majority of the time. Instead, they have set up their own separate Gmail accounts that they use as their primary email accounts for conducting official city business.