Mike Merritt

Mike Merritt is a former writer and editor for local newspapers. He recently retired as senior executive policy advisor for the Port of Seattle.

Ferry Tales: How the System Broke, Why It’s so Hard to Fix

These are tough times for the nation’s largest ferry system, which carried 8.8 million passengers (about half the population of New York state) and 8.6 million vehicles in 2022.

Round and Round: Europe’s Grand Tours

These are not just grueling bicycle races. They are three-week telenovelas filled with pain, glory, and tragedy. Women's cycling is growing in visibility.

Gael Tarleton, the Woman with 27 (at Least) Careers

She still follows the lesson of her mother: Do the best you can for the community you live in.

Baltimore Bridge Crash is a Warning for Other Ports

The outcome of the Francis Scott Key Bridge investigation likely will have ramifications not only in Baltimore but around the country.

Is the Port of Seattle Doing Enough to Mitigate Airplane Noise?

In January, state legislators, local mayors, and community activists from Des Moines to Beacon Hill assailed the Port for turning its back on residents suffering from noise and air pollution caused by the rising number of jets thundering overhead.  

Getting Things Done: Port Commissioner Sam Cho on the Move

What the political establishment did not recognize at the time of Cho's surprise election in 2019 was that Cho was one of a rising tide of young, progressive, and politically well-connected men and women of color with strong ties to labor. 

Election 2023: New Bellevue is Replacing Old

In one notable race, the New Bellevue of fast growth, high-rise development, and increasingly diverse population came up against the Old Bellevue culture of middle-class neighborhoods fighting to protect their character.  

Off the Beaten Track: Check out Tunisia

Unlike its neighbors, Libya and Algeria, Tunisia has a stable government, although the actions of an increasingly authoritarian president are causing increasing concern. The streets are safe, transportation is cheap and accessible, and food options range from street fare to fine dining. The people are warm and friendly.

We Desperately Need a New Airport: New Effort Seems Stymied from the Start

They don’t have a deliverable, they don’t have a specific mandate, they don’t have the authority to make any decisions,’’ lamented  Warren Hendrickson, Olympia Airport senior manager and a long-time aviation professional, at a recent Port of Seattle commission briefing.  

Maritime Wars: Coast Guard and Port Battle over Terminal 46

The ports say they are protecting valuable cargo-handling land and longshore union jobs by stiffing the Coast Guard.  But the action could also mean Seattle will lose several new patrol ships to Oregon or Alaska.