Kathy Cain

Kathleen Cain began her career in Seattle writing and producing documentaries and talk shows for television and radio. She hosted a two-hour interview program on the notorious KRAB FM, was a contributing editor for late, great Seattle Weekly, and a writer/creative director at the legendary Heckler Associates for many years before starting her own communications consulting firm, Cain Creative.

Remembering the Pogues: If I Should Fall from Grace with God

If you’ve never been a fan of Shane MacGowan, I get it. Like most genuine geniuses, he was an acquired taste. For one thing, he was supremely slovenly, the patron saint of dishevelment.


A few years ago, a mutual friend developed a mania for first-principle cooking, which is a fancy way of describing any attempt to cook something from extreme scratch.

Ursa Major: Remembering Greg Bear

He was a masterful and accomplished writer, whose understanding of human nature was as sophisticated and deep as his technical and scientific knowledge.

Turning the Abortion Argument: Grow a Uterus and Then We Can Talk

The anti-choice argument is not about morality, it's about power.

A Salute to Ukraine: Make Blini, Not War

My two favorite blini recipes are variations on the basic yeast-based blini. One of the batters takes a little more time to prepare but, once they have risen, both batters require the same amount of time to cook, so does it matter? Not really.

Women in Government: Neera, but Still So Far Away

Neera Tanden is out of the running for reasons that are irrelevant and hypocritical and not remotely disqualifying for male candidates who share her experience, qualifications and accomplishments.

Bitter? Me? (Well maybe just a little…)

The GOP has done all of this backsliding for what? The wavering loyalty of Tea Party voters, the obstructionist idiocy of the Freedom Caucus, and that sad excuse for a merchant-prince they elevated to a level far above his competence? Whatever happened to the idea of loyal opposition, one that opposes without destroying?

Now Is the Time for All Good Kindergarten Teachers to Come to the Aid of their Country

I understand that helping to moderate the next two debates—if they happen— will be a dark, dangerous and dirty job, but I have no doubt that the kindergarten teachers of America would step up and volunteer to perform their civic duty.

Statuary Offenses

It is true that when we take them down, all those people whose sole method of learning history is walking past statues of “great” men, looking up and then looking down again if there’s enough time on the tour schedule to read an inscription, will have to find another way of learning history.

How To Make: Bad Apple Pie

It seems that there has been an outbreak of bad apples in nearly every city and town all over the country. And it’s not even apple season. In fact,...