Jane Adams

"Jane Adams PhD was a founding editor of the Seattle Weekly. Among her twelve books is Seattle Green, a novel . She is a contributing editor at Psychology Today, and coaches parents of adult children."

Two Thrillers About Reinventing Yourself

Both Jessie Walters’ Citizen Vince and Carolyn Kepnes’ You Love Me are categorized as thrillers, but although crimes are committed and blood is spilled, neither one really is.

Which Relationships Survived the Pandemic and Which Didn’t?

Our whole history lives with and in our oldest friends. If we hadn’t excluded less meaningful, casual acquaintances before the pandemic, we’re likely to do so when it’s over.

Turning in Dad (or Mom): Families Grapple with their Capitol Insurrectionists

A 19-year-old told the HuffPost that as his mother’s paranoia about political events and her constant referrals to QAnon continued, he followed her into that particular on-line swamp, where he discovered a group called #SavetheChildren, and was horrified by what he found there. “It’s hard,” he told a reporter. “I don’t know what to do. I’m losing her.”

How the Doggerel went Digital

To me, interactivity with a book used to mean turning the pages. In a digital book it's that and more.

Out of your Bubble? How Your Brain Weighs Risk

How we consider what risks to take is processed in our brains as well as our psychology and lived experience. We like to think we assess risks rationally, but our fears and desires play a bigger role in decision-making.

The Further Adventures of News Junkie: So I Skipped a few Steps…

Despite my attempts to avoid it, news seeps in from the ozone layer, which is a kind of mental media that tells me what people are doing, feeling and thinking about.

News Junky: Tell Me the News

Doggerel inspired by a grave in Ireland whose tombstone reads "Tell Me the News", which, being a lifelong news junkie, I always thought I'd like mine to read too.

Bucking the Crowd: Herd Immunity and the Risks to your Kids

We know more about herd immunity in these pandemic days, but as the nation struggles with how or whether to reopen its schools, the notion of inducing it by deliberately exposing children to the corona virus is trending on social media.

Welcome to Present Shock

The head-spinning change that seems to characterize our daily existence induces a kind of mental and emotional vertigo that imposes its own kind of stress on our systems: unable to respond in the usual ways, fight or flight, we can only try to stand upright in the moment. Welcome to Present Shock.

Conventional Wisdom Says College Promotes Diversity of Thinking. New Studies Suggest It Doesn’t

A study published in the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education investigated how recent graduates’ experiences in what the authors called “ideological bubbles” consisted of few meaningful, effective efforts that prepared them for the ideological divides they faced after graduation.

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