Tell Me the News (Doggerel for a Thursday Afternoon)


The grave’s a fine and private place
But none I think do there embrace
Especially in a noisy race
When pundits scream from place to place
And talking heads proclaim the words
Of villains, despots, smoking turds,
And unmasked crowds who could care less
Encouraged by the thoughtlessness
Of stupid, venal leaders who
Have led us into such a stew
And trampled on our civil rights
While getting richer day and night.
Don’t tell me of the current news
I can’t read more without my booze
Or carbs and weed – what’s there to lose?
Without another daily dose
Of truth and lies – it’s both of those.
The grave’s a fine and quiet place –
The end of news I’ll soon embrace.

Jane Adams
Jane Adams
"Jane Adams PhD was a founding editor of the Seattle Weekly. Among her twelve books is Seattle Green, a novel . She is a contributing editor at Psychology Today, and coaches parents of adult children."


  1. Nay stupid is the currency of this republic
    The anointed, the elected, the appointed gather their cabal
    To steer the Republic not away but too troubled waters
    The aged king struggles as if alone against a sea of ignorance
    The once but never again king fulminates and breathes cowardly fire
    The armed masses manifest and threaten to force their will upon the nation
    A few lonely voices give hope to those who cower. and fear the worst
    The torch of liberty’s light flickers against the growing darkness


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