Jane Adams

"Jane Adams PhD was a founding editor of the Seattle Weekly. Among her twelve books is Seattle Green, a novel . She is a contributing editor at Psychology Today, and coaches parents of adult children."

Books: International Intrigue – A Handful of Current Thrillers

The Names of the Dead Kevin Wignall  Abandoned by his CIA colleagues when an anti-terrorism operation in Europe goes wrong, Wes Wesley serves out his sentence in a French jail,...

The Mystery Behind The Mystery Writer: Michael Gruber’s Long Con

It says something about the state of publishing today that Gruber couldn't find a buyer for this book - it's an almost perfect example of a caper novel, more light-hearted than some of his earlier thrillers but just as erudite, well-plotted and entertaining as his previous books.

Duck And Cover: My Existential Dilemma

It's not the fear of full-fledged war, of bombs or towers falling. It's watching the real-time collapse of my country's fundamental institution, government, and the structures that are supposed to support it.

The Real Reason Old Writers Keep Writing

God bless John McPhee for explaining both the How and the Why of what I've been doing for the last long while. It's probably why most of the old(er)...

Books: A New Crime Blogger In Town

You can practically smell the salty tang in the air and taste the coffee in one of the author's favorite cafes. It's a promising debut.

After the Hearings, Let’s Hear It For an Emotion-Grabbing Ad Campaign

Let the branding begin, because that's how you sway the electorate.

Boomer Buzz: The Psycho-naut’s Guide To Aging (Well)

Middle-age adults ages 50 to 64 were the only group with increases in non-daily cannabis use both before and after 2007. If trends continue, estimates suggest that cannabis use among people aged 50 to 64 could surpass those of adults aged 35 to 49.

Where the Real Fake News Is

Fake news? Sure. But reality shows don't have consequences that affect anyone's lives except the people that volunteer for them... or do they?

Outrage Fatigue

I have, you have, we all have outrage fatigue. I and we – and by we I mean anyone who’s paying attention, because who among us can look away from the National Spectacle? - are simply out of rage.

Confessions of a Badass Reporter

In a rollicking new memoir titled Fearless: Confessions of a Badass Reporter, Blacklow chronicles her adventures at a time when few females did the job she did.